Testimony of prisoner

I serve a life sentence in prison in town Sol-Iletsk (Orenburg Region). Before reading the “Conversations” I believed somewhere deep inside, but after doing the course, it became easier to understand God’s Word. I studied at school only for for years, but with the “Conversations” I better understand the basics of Christianity. The course helped me know more about God. There are questions and answers to those questions.

When I was reading Bible or New Testament, I didn’t understand many things written, but the “Conversations” explain really thoroughly. I read Bible every day, I don’t swear, don’t smoke, help my cellmates. I need your help with finding a church, since I think it is better to communicate with believers and become stronger in my faith. Our Lord changes even the worst of criminals, we read about that in Apostle Paul’s Epistle. Our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world to save me, He gave His life, took my sins, and cleansed me of all the dirt, and gave me eternal life.

Once I got really sick. It was decomposition of lungs. Blood blew from throat. I was moved to prison hospital. Doctors said it was my time to die. I prayed staying in bed. I didn’t get up, doctors stopped giving me any medicine. But God heard me and gave me another chance. In some time I became stronger, started getting up. Doctors couldn’t believe I got better. And since then I have believed in God, I try not to sin and to live according to how He wants us to live. Human beings always look for trouble and create problems for themselves, that is why I have chosen to be with God and I am grateful to Him for everything.

I am sending my photo with this letter. It is the only copy I have. Can you please make some extra copies and send them back to me. My brothers in faith ask me for my photo, but I cannot give it to them.

Thank you! May God bless you!

Erdenkov Ilya Mikhailovich

Seminar in Vyborg

Seminar in Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Vyborg. The seminar was mostly attended by youth. Its topic was “Apologetics as the mean of evangelism”.

Comparison of two points of view: creationism and evolutionary theory. Proving impossibility of life originating from non-living material due to the second law of thermodynamics. The entropy increase law in the open system.

Impossibility of evolving due to impossibility of new information to appear on its own. Validity of Creation theory. Necessary information was “loaded” into the living creatures during the Creation.

All main stages of Creation are written in the 1st chapter of Genesis. John 1:1-3 says that everythign was created by the Word, and the word if Logos, in other words knowledge, data – information.

Apostle Paul in Colossians writes that all things have been created through Him and for Him, and in Him all things hold together. “Him” means Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him. Which means, that every person needs Jesus if they want to have eternal life.

There were many question about different aspects of Creation asked. The youth leader Andey Myasischev told an interesting story how he came to Church.

Several years ago he read that the secon law of thermodynamics contradicts evolutionary theory. He got interested in the topic. So he came to the Lutheran Church to find out the reason and how could our world appear. And he stayed in the Church.

Darwinism ideology and its consequences

Some philosophers still consider evolution a scientific theory. There even are some attempts to accommodate Bible notions and some hypothesis of modern natural science, recognizing a priory evolutionary theory as science.

The question “Did God create through evolution?” is still burning.

Morality and ethics of modern society are determined by two polar principles. On one hand, it is secular point of view, based on evolutionary theory in its different instants, on the other hand, it is admitting the first role of the Creator as the Source of moral laws and human conscience.

Brochure “Darwinism Ideology and Its Consequences” shows negative influence of evolutionary ideas upon ethics and morality of modern society. And opposed to that is spreading ideas of creation, mainstream fiction of Creation paradigm, which tells that the main role in the world belongs to the Creator.

Little summary of activity in teenage group

As you know, we had winter camp in Communar, I have already written about it, so I am just going to give a little summary. We realize that nowadays Christianity has to move away from projects and come back to the basics of the New Testament Church, when relationships and people were important.

But at the same time, I can see that we all have very little time. That is why now we are reevaluating preacher format and concept of taking care of each other inside the Church.

Time inexorably passes by and the summer is coming closer. In the summer we are having baptism for out wonderful teenagers. In January we had 2 meeting with them about baptism and we continue helping them get ready for the most serious decision in their lives.

There is a great application for mobile phones and tablets. That application has got Bible texts in different versions. We have inspired children from our club to read Bible every day and to finish the whole Bible during 2017.

We can follow each other’s activity through that application as well as recommend verses to each other. All in all, we are on the right way! The next step will be inspiring teenagers to start preaching themselves.

As always, we have anti-cafe meetings, where we invite new children and our acquaintances. Everything is very cheerful in Petrozavodsk, too. We have had a big game tournament called “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21).

Children have to play, have to laugh. That is their direct responsibility written in human rights. Since children in our clubs are from unprivileged families, they especially need laughter and happiness.

And, of course, we have daily meetings, help children with their homework, pray, sing, tell Bible stories. And every Sunday there is service.

Сlub for teens

Igor Savich and regional director of euro-asian region Peter Kerby met the leader of ministry for children and teenagers in Petrozavodsk Evgeniy Zinin. Pastor Evgeniy Zinin told about their work with children and. In fact, there are 2 clubs in Petrozavodsk: “Firefly” for children and “Glimps” for teenagers. The latter has meetings every Sunday at 3 p.m.

Savich and P. Kerby visited “Glimpse” club. More than 25 teenagers are its members. The meeting started with friendly conversations with tea and biscuits followed by singing several hymns accompanied by the guitar.

In order to brighten up the atmosphere, children were offered to play a game called “princess rescue”. There was lots of laughter and joy.

At the end, pastor Evgeniy offered to listen to a serious lecture on how our World appeared. The lecturer was I. Savich, who compared two points of view: creations and evolutionary. Within the following 40 minutes he showed that creations point of view explains appearance of our harmonious and fine-tuned World better than evolutionary. All processes which we can observe are results of the Intelligent Design. He also said that Bible authentically describes events of the World Creation.

Teenagers asked many questions, which is evidence of their interest in the topic. At the end of the club’s meetings children got brochures by “Concordia” on the World Creation and age of the Earth.

Lessons on creation

Igor Savich gave lessons on creation science in school with advanced study of German -“Peterschule”. Igor Savich was invited to the school by its headmaster. peter-002More than 60 children found out that our World is not a result of natural development, but is a result of the Intelligent Design.

During those lectures, Igor Savich showed that since entropy increase law is active, self-induced complications of nonliving matter is impossible.

He also showed that if information can not appear on its own, all evolutionary principles are wrong. Four conditions are necessary to record information: a) peter-18recording tool, which does the recording, b) material medium, which the recording is done on, c) method, mechanism (how the recording is done), d) reason for recording (the purpose of that recording).

And he added that the most important difference between living systems and those four conditions is that all necessary information has already been recorded in living organisms. Existence of living systems is connected with reproducing information which exists in them.peter-15

So, information exists only for supporting life. Information diversity determines life, its forms and specifics, not visa versa. And there was a logical conclusion: life is the unique thing, which is Creator’s Work.

Every student got brochures by “Concordia”, in which the problem of how life appeared on the Earth are discussed more thoroughly.