Christ is Changing Traditions of Unbelief

image001In serving out the Lord’s mission of Bringing Christ to the Nations—and the Nations to the Church, LHM staff encounter a variety of people with differing backgrounds. Some have never heard the Gospel or grew up in countries where religion was outlawed. Recently the ministry center in Russia received a visit from a young man who wanted to enroll in a Bible Correspondence Course (BCC).

“For me it was a bit unusual because he was from Uzbekistan and we do not have too many foreigners stop by,” observed Igor Savich, who directs LHM ministry activities in Russia. “He said he came to St. Petersburg to earn money to send back to his family.”

The young man introduced himself as Tursunov and said that he worked as a maintenance man at a local church. He added that he grew up an aethisist, just like many people in the Communist Soviet Union. Tursunov had, one day, picked up an LHM flier from the church lobby, encouraging people to enroll in BCC. He hoped that the Bible courses could teach him about God and Christianity.

“He was very enthusiastic and when I presented him with reading materials from the New Testament and the book of Psalms,” observed Savich. “Please pray for him and for numerous other immigrants who are working in Moscow and St. Petersburg.”

The LHM—Russia staff maintains contact with Tursunov and continues to share with him, the Good News of Christ’s salvation.

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