Bibles for disabled persons

The BCC is growing. Now we have 83 students. Five students are graduated. All of them would like  continuation of Bible studies.Ready to dispatch Bibles1 BCC is covered many cities and villages in Russia.

Nina Volkova (she is invalid) from Vjazma town wrote that she needed a lot of Bibles as people there are thirsty for God’s Word. In her letter she gave the names and addresses of the invalids who are most need Bibles. All of them are disabled people.

I think they have very small pensions from state and I sent the Bibles to them. I made this picture before dispatching the Bibles to them.

A letter from Natalja

Natalya Danilova3This letter I received from one of my students. Her name is Natalja Danilova.

“I am from Russian Orthodox Church where I was baptized but I did not come to this church.  I started to attend St. Maria Lutheran church and during my learning of your lessons I much better understand the words during the sermons.

Your lessons are very well written and explain everything very simple and understandable language. It gives possibility to touch to the Bible just a little. With your help I understand now the Bible.  

Many thanks for these lessons and thanks to leadership of these course