Trust in the Lord

“Trust in the Lord and do good, …”Flayer_Leto_Front_5

These verses from Psalm 37:3-5 are on the front side of the flayer that LHM-office in Russia is distributing during last few months. This very attractive flayer is inviting people to joint in study the Bible with help of Bible Correspondence Courses. Backside of this flayer contains short description of BCC and Application form for courses. Many people used it. Recently one girl from far Siberian city Chita admitted that people like to use this Application form as it is printed on this nice designed flayer that appeal to their hearts.

Letters from prisoners

God’s Word is not chained (2 Tim. 2:9)

We understood that it is a true life verse from the Bible as we  started receiving  letters from various prisons of  Russia. The prisoners are real hungry for Word of God and not only to read but to study it. They are asking for Bible Correspondence Course and express their desire to know more about Christian Faith.

Office October 2009 008

There are some extracts from their letters to LHM Office in St. Petersburg:

“I am very happy that I started learning the Bible with help of your BCC. I encouraged with it and feeling large joy” Vitaliy Varankin.

“ Just recently  I knew about existence of Concordia Foundation and about BCC. Please help me and send me first lessons. I would like to study it. It is very important for me” Sergei Vinogradov.

“With impassionate are awaiting your first lessons. Please send it to me as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your kindness, participation and attention”.  Alexander Greba.

“I am very grateful for you for the possibility to study on your Courses. Please tell me is it possible to continue my education after BCC graduation on some University?” Oleg Sokolov

Lecture was recorded by Moscow TV

Recently Igor Savich visited Moscow Chemical Lizey (College). This colMoscow 9 October GIM1lege is providing very high quality education. Graduated student are capable to continue their education in most prestige Universities of the Russia. There was organized lecture about Flood and Noah’s Ark. More than twenty pupils from elderly classes were listening very attentively.

They asked many questions about Flood, past of the Earth, Noah family, and about Creation Science. In conclusion Igor Savich gave to each student its e-mail address and invited them to post more question if necessary.

But most remarkable thing of this event was that the whole lecture and discussion about Creation was recorded by Moscow TV Channel STS. They are planning to show this lecture on the central Russian TV in near future. Please pray for these youths and for their acceptance of the Biblical truths.Moscow 9 October Mus1

Lessons helped me in the better Bible understanding

Valentina Bernadzkaya recently graduated student from St. Petersburg. She is from Christian family. Her letter is below.  “These lessons helped me in the better Bible understanding as they are stimulating Bible reading and study. These courses gave me more attentive for the Biblical texts as a basement of the Christian Faith. The whole courses are very good organized and I with pleaser will continue to study Bible with your help in the future. Thank you very much”.