Evangelical “Christmas Project”. First Stage

Concordia Foundation together with St. Mikhail Lutheran Church has started a new Evangelical Project for preparation Christmas Book for publishing.The main purpose of this project is to arouse the interest to the Gospel.

First stage is announcement the competition among students of two Art Colleges of St. Petersburg for preparation the cover for this book. For this purpose the students who agreed to participate in this project were invited to St. Mikhail Church where they received information about this Project from Igor Savich and Rev. Sergei Nezdanov.

It was underlined that for better results it is necessary to read the Gospel where they will found all the information not only about Birth of Jesus but also about His life and redemption of our sins.

After collecting of all pictures there will start second stage of Project. We will make exhibition in the lobby of St. Mikhail Church with invitation of general public for reviewing of all painted pictures. The best students will be rewarded. The main purpose of this action is to stimulate students to read the Bible and to know the truths of the Gospel.

Ilona Huhka is the BCC student from Karelija

This letter is from one of our BCC students. Her name is Ilona Huhka. She is from Petrozavodsk city from Karelija (her picture is attached). She wrote that she was very pleased to study Bible with help of BCC. She is a very good student and when Igor Savich asked her what is necessary to improve in our Bible Correspondence Courses she answered: “I would like to receive each lesson as soon as possible”.

She wrote that she became a Christian as she was just a child. Her grandmother was reading to her the Bible and various Biblical stories very often and it was so touched her heart that she believed in God. At the end of her letter she wrote: “Thank you very much for possibility to study God’s Word. I‘ll be glad to be in contact with your Foundation in the future”.

Visit to Theological Seminary of Lutheran Ingria Church

Recently Igor Savich visited the Theological Seminary of Lutheran Ingria Church that locates on picturesque suburb of St. Petersburg in Kolbino village. Igor Savich had a meeting with a people from Seminary. The audience included Rector of Seminary Rev. Fyodor Tulynin, teachers and approximately twenty students. In his presentation before students of Seminary Igor Savich described the main goals of activity LHM office (Concordia Foundation) in Russia and plans for the future. Seminary October 2009BL

The students who were from various cities and towns of Russia were interested in Bible Correspondence Courses and possible cooperation of Lutheran Churches across Russia with Concordia Foundation. There were aroused animated discussion about Creation and its impact on the Christian life. Finally each student received desk calendar of Concordia production for 2010 as a small gift from LHM office with invitation to pray about our local Evangelical activity.


Message of Hope for 2010

Biblical Desk Calendar for 2010 published by LHM office in Russia is embodiment of hope.

All texts are in Russian. Twelve full color pages plus cover. Size 105 X 170 mm. Each page will have small picture of nature or some artful picture from St. Petersburg famous museums. Each front page will contain picture and verse from the Bible. There is main biblical verse as a key verseCalendar for 2010S for each month. Each verse includes word “hope’ in various meanings in  accordance with biblical text. Back cover of this sheet contains more expanded text of the same verse  with small picture and address of Concordia Foundation for contact. Back sheet of Calendar includes purpose and information about activity of Concordia Foundation.

The purposes of this calendar are 1) advertisement of Bible Correspondence Courses, 2) evangelical meaning, 3) spreading information about activity of Concordia Foundation, 4) creating positive image about Concordia Foundation, and 5) fundraising/.

The distribution is fulfilling with help of Lutheran churches across Russia and via various Christian events.