Christmas greetings from Kondopoga

Recently during fourth week of Advent 2009 LHM-Russia office received letter from graduated student from Kondopoga. It is small nice town of Karelia Republic of Russia. The most famous thing of this place is absolutely beautiful organ and one of the biggest concert halls of Europe. Many famous organist of Europe are very eager to give concert in this small Karelian town.

This letter has being written by Nina Pustynina. She is 59 and she has two grandchildren. On the picture she shown with her eldest granddaughter Ekaterina in front of the famous Kremlin wall in Moscow. She successfully graduated on ourBible Correspondence Courses and was very pleased to know more about the Bible and about Christian faith.  In her letter she is writing: “During the sermons in the church some ideas are not very well understandable for me or may be they are very fast but with help of your lessons the Bible become more clear  for me and not seems as a ‘deep forest’. Now I am better orienting in the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ become for me more real and closer. Thank you very much for your Biblical courses and for the beautiful biblical calendar.  My warmest Christmas greetings to you and in New Year 2010 I wish you a good health, God’s blessings and happiness”.

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming. It is quite visible on the street’s decorations, illuminated of Christmas trees and the quantity of Christmas advertisements everywhere. The Lutheran church of Ingria in St. Petersburg is also preparing for this important event f church life.

Last Sunday when we came a bit earlier on the Church sermon we saw lot of children of various ages who were preparing something very special and joyful. There were drama and various singing for this beautiful event. But of course it should be surprise for the church parish and guests who will come very soon in this church for celebrating this most important and beautiful holiday.

Visit to oldest Lutheran parish of St. Petersburg region

If you come to St. John Lutheran church on Martyshkino village you will see the table on the wall of the church building. There is written on two languages Finish and Russian that this parish was established on 1642 and the church building was built on 1831. Inside you will see vast and light hall with rows of polished benches and big picture of Jesus behind the Altar. The liturgy is conducting on Finish and Russian languages. The sermon of Rev Alexander Hlynov is creating warm atmosphere of touching with God and during Eucharist the choir of Children is singing Psalms with piano accompany by cantor Sergei.

This was the first visit of Igor Savich, director of LHM Russia office to St. John Church in Martyshkino that gave opportunity to talk not only with Rev Alexander but also with some of the church members. The topic of conversation was a future English learning Christian Summer camp on this church. In accordance with plans of LHM it is real possibility to organize this camp on 2010 summer. The purpose is to reach Children with Gospel. During good tea time after Mesa Igor Savich had a fruitful discussion about this future event with parish people. Rev Alexander and all Church members are full of enthusiasm to participate in this important event and to help missionaries from US to reach as many Children as possible and not only Children but their parents as well.

The Church building is situates on the high land of seaside. After the sermon you can go out from the church doors and immediately see in front of you the beautiful blue vast and boundless Baltic Sea that gives idea about greatness of its Creator and the Lord.