Meeting with a student

“Sometimes students need additional explanations about Bible Correspondence Courses even if courses are not very complicated. I realized it when Hazrat Kurbanov came to my office in St. Mikhail church with his control responses. Most complicated to him were the questions connected with Creation. For more clarification we started together to read the Bible and my article in one of the Christian magazine.  It seems that he was not very attentive to the written explanation in our basic brochure.

Finally he was so encouraged after our discussion that he decided immediately to reply on the next lesson without reading the Bible. After 15 minutes I checked his replies and found nine mistakes. Of course my advice to Hazrat was to take the whole material at home and once again to learn attentively the current lesson. Another advice to him was to learn by heart most important verses from the Bible”. By Igor Savich

Christmas season provides new opportunities for ministry activity

In accordance with Evangelical “Christmas Project” Georgi Panajotov, young painter visited LHMoffice in St. Petersburg. He brought with him several paintings and talked about his activity. His painting is very close to traditional icon painting but he worked long time in Bulgaria and his pictures have strong hint of Greek tradition (see picture).

Georgi has desire for participation in our competition for Christmas book cover and he is going to prepare something suitable as Children’s book cover.

During Christmas there is always existing opportunity to have some charitable activity.

At that time LHM-Russia office provided some candies for children in three orphanages in St. Petersburg (Zimbalina street).

Two girls Victoria and Julia from Evangelical Christian Baptist church made special Christmas gifts and kids were happy to receive these packages. Plus to this we presented our Biblical calendars for teachers of these orphanages.