Dmitry Marpfin ─ student from Eastern prison

Some time ago Dmitry Marphin one of our BCC student graduated from our Bible Correspondence Courses. He was very active student and as he wrote in his letter he became Christian in prison of very severe regime three years ago.

He was very grateful for BCC and wrote in his last letter: “Dear Igor Mikhailovich thank you very much for your participation in my destiny. Perhaps during this month I’ll be liberated from the prison but I am going and outdoor of prison to try to know more about God and hopefully will grow in knowledge of Him. And I would like to keep contacts with you in my freedom.

I enclosed picture with my friends (I am second from left). I am leader of small group of Christians in our prison. Your courses helped me very much and better clarified some spiritual questions. My desire to everyone who learning your courses is to be closer to God and to trust Him more. My Heavenly Farther opened to me door for spreading of Good News in this prison. I spread information about your biblical courses among prisoners in my prison and I know that several persons already sent you requests to study Bible with your help. Glory to Jesus! With love to you as a your smallest brother. Dmitry”.

Just few days ago we received letter from Dmitry’s prison from one of his friends. He informed that Dmitry was liberated and passed greetings to our mission and promised to write to us. Let’s pray about Dmitry as for him is started a new life. And may the Lord help him to find his own way and protect him from any kind of evil.

Visit to radio ELCI

Recently Igor Savich visited the headquarters of radio of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria (ELCI). There he had meeting with Rev. Alexander Kudrjavzev  who is responsible for radio program preparation for broadcasting. After discussion for various topics the interview with Igor Savich was recorded for broadcasting. In his interview Igor Savich replied on the questions about establishing and activity of Concordia Foundation (official name of LHM- Russia). It was underlined that primary goal is evangelization and a very close relationship with Lutheran churches across Russia.

Few days later on radio ELCI was organized special round table concerning the problems of evolutions theory learning in the public schools of Russia. In this discussion took place also the director of private Christian School in St. Petersburg Eleonora Mushnikova.  She talked about possibility to teach both theories evolution  and creation in school and as she said it is strongly depends of the teacher. Igor Savich said that all the textbooks for school are saturated by evolution ideology. It is necessary to prepare and publish special manuals for school teachers where can be explained all benefits and science proofs of creation model. It is possible now as in Russia adopted special law about spiritual-moral culture. He said that this possibility can be used for alternative teaching of creation in public schools. Rev. Alexander Kudrjavzev proposed to talk about this problem another time in more detailed manner.

Music events of January

During the January there were two big music evangelical events in St. Petersburg. Both of them have taken place in Lutheran Churches of the city. First of them was coincided with Epiphany. The churches were overcrowded. Many people were eager to hear charming sounds of great music of masters of past centuries. And it was not only music. During Bach oratorio in St. Mikhail Lutheran church the hundreds of people hear passages from the Bible and hymns about birth of Jesus: “Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you. He is Christ the Lord”.

Second event was also now as traditional music evangelical festival “Baptization Nights”.  Long time ago, before 1917, the Evangelical churches in St. Petersburg took part in “Baptization Nights” Music Festivals. Among the participants were the Lutheran Evangelical Churches, Reformed Churches, the British-American English Church, Evangelical Christian Baptist churches, and The House of Good News church. This all started with the 300-year anniversary of the Reformation in 1817, which was celebrated for 3 days in  Sts. Peter and Paul Lutheran church. In 1917, the 400-year anniversary of the Reformation, the main dignitaries of the State and even the czar himself and members of the imperial family attended the festival.

In 2005, the “Kreshenski Nights” International Festival of Evangelical Culture was revived as a heritage of the historical concerts which had been conducted in Sts. Peter and Paul Lutheran church. The old, wonderful traditions rooted in earlier St. Petersburg times were renewed.

This year the festival took place in fifth time after his revival. Evangelical Churches of  St Petersburg over a period of seven days (from January 18 to 24th) were hosted of this festival: the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul on Nevski Prospect, St. Mary’s Evangelical Lutheran Church , in the Swedish Saint Catherine Church, and Biggest Baptist church of the city.

There was steering Committee of this festival and Igor Savich was member of this body. The name of Concordia Foundation as a member of this Festival was written on each of ten thousand flayers that were spreading on St. Petersburg. Several thousands of people were attended this Music Festival where have taken place distribution of biblical calendars by Concordia Foundation and flayers with advertisement of Bible Correspondence course.

Igor Savich the director of Concordia Foundation had special greetings during one of the Festival evening on behalf of all Lutheran churches of  St. Petersburg. During his preaching he underlined the importance of  Baptization. Igor talked about Jesus Who himself was baptized by John and visible mark of God’s Spirit as a dove descended on Jesus and voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love: with you I am very pleased”.