As God is near… Visit to Kolbino Lutheran Church

In accordance with work over the Project Musical Gospel the Team of volunteers of Concordia Foundation recently visited Kolbino Lutheran Church. Kolbino is a small village in suburb of St. Petersburg and its church was reconstructed several years ago. It is beautiful wooden high building and inside is resemble of Noah Ark. This maybe was an idea of architecture to do it as symbol of salvation. This cathedral is wooden inside, having unique acoustics due to its peculiar construction and peacefulness of the village – all of these features creates ideal conditions for music recording. At that day the weather was really beautiful. There was very bright sun, a very rarely thing on St. Petersburg at the beginning of March. The glistening snow was as billions of small diamonds and around was solemn silence of nature that prepared to burst for the spring and life.

You can see the volunteers Team of Concordia on the picture. From left to right are Jaroslav the driver, Igor Finogenov the heart of this project and Natasha the designer and helper in Bible Correspondence Courses. Igor is a signer, producer, organizer of the recording of the music. He invited some talented students from nearby Lutheran Theological Seminary.

The couple from Chita city Paul and Alena were ready to sing some Christian songs. Most beautiful was When God Is Near.

Another lady Ljudmila decided to present some of their charming songs performed almost professionally. She herself is writing music on Russian poets of the beginning of twenty century, the Silver Age of Russian poetry.

That day was a real gift from the Lord and everybody felt quite clearer that God is near.

Concordia Foundation is a guest of the youth group

Recently Igor Savich visited еру you group of Ingria church in St. Petersburg.

Each Monday youth of Ingria Church is gathering for praying, study Bible and signing. This evening was a bit special as one of the leader of this group decided to show some secular movie with purpose of “training of psychological attitude” as he explained. Before movie started Igor Savich made presentation about activity of Concordia Foundation. He described BCC program and asked for the help of the youth for spreading information about these courses. He encouraged them for flayer distribution and finally presented to each person Biblical calendar. Young people were enjoined to have pictured together and invited Igor to visit their special room where they are feeling like at home. In this room they are practicing in guitar playing, drawing,  etc. Each visitor should write his name on one of Angels made from paper that is sewed on one wall inside of this room.

Musical Evangelical Evenings at St. Mikhail

There is a kind of tradition that every Saturday in St. Mikhail sounds a classical music. But there are not simply concerts. Each Saturday there are special sermons also where are preaching about Jesus. People are gathering to hear a good music and simultaneously they are receiving some spiritual lessons.

Several days ago there is also vocal-organ evening where Rev. Sergei Nezdanov spoke about Good News and three charming ladies producing the music by Mendelssohn, Bach, Dupree, Handel, Brahms. The people are hearing very attentively and without doubt Desislava Boneva and Maria Lapteva are enjoying also in signing the arias. Maria Lebedeva was accompanying on organ. Especially strong emotion was feeling when Desislava Boneva was singing The Prayer from F. Durante and Aria from Cantata 21”Zeufzer, Traenen” by J. S. Bach and when Maria Lapteva was signing Almira Aria “Lascia ch’io pianga” from G. Handel opera “Rinaldo”.

At the end of this evening three artists were happy to receive as a small gift from Concordia Foundation biblical calendars. It is worth to say also that during each musical evening we are distributing flyers with information about Bible Correspondence Courses.

On the picture you can see from left to right Maria Lapteva, Maria Lebedeva, and Desislava Boneva with biblical calendars at the end of the Music Evening.