Lessons about Creation in School of St. Petersburg

Russian people show rising interest in Creation and its connection with the Bible. In spite of the Evolution theory still being constantly advertised by secular media, people feel that Creation point of view offers more truth to explain the origin of life and man.

That is why Igor Savich was invited to give several lessons on the Bible in one of the schools of St. Petersburg. It is necessary to admit that it is not ordinary school. It is St. Peterschule German gymnasium that existed still before soviet time and was reconstructed during perestroika.

His lectures regarding biological problems and Bible truths have more credibility as he has doctor degree in biochemistry.

Several lessons on Creation given by Dr. Savich were happily marked by pupil’s activity involving boys and girls of various ages who asked many questions.

Some of them concerned the origin of life, and some even beliefs of the lecturer himself. Dr. Savich explained his point of view on evolution and strengthened it with scientific facts.

The teachers of the school were very happy about their children to have had alternative information on important questions of the Universe.

Dr. Savich was presented desk Biblical Calendar published by Concordia Foundation to the pupils at the end of each lesson. One day of this action saw almost a one hundred distribution of the Biblical calendars with meaningful verses from the Holy Scripture. During only this day pupil of this school learned many exciting things about greatness of God and His kindness and love to the people.

Bright Christ Resurrection

Bright Christ Resurrection is the specific name of Easter Day in accordance with Russian tradition because Sunday means resurrection in Russian language. The day before Easter is a very special day. During this day each woman is preparing special cake which name is Kulich. This cake is cooking only during one day of the year special for Easter. Of course it is possible to buy this cake in the supermarket as every bakery business knows that Kulich is a bestseller for Easter holyday. It is also tradition to paint eggs with various colors. And now using modern technologies it is possible to create really amazing eggs from very simple ones to Faberge type.

The day before Bright Christ Resurrection all these things are bringing to Cathedral for sanctification and Russian Orthodox priest is doing with water sprinkling and after this food is ready to eat on Sunday. Of course apart from all this food the main point of Bright Christ Resurrection is whole night special Mesa from Saturday evening until Sunday morning. At midnight the main priest is coming out from altar with loud exclamation: “Jesus is Risen!” And around people is replying joyfully: “Risen indeed!”