Truths About Creation

Director of LHM-Russia Igor Savich is thankful to Trans World Radio in St. Petersburg for recording his lectures about Creation to broadcast them across Russia. Russian people show remarkably rising interest in Creation Science with fewer of them believing that human being was developed from monkey and all diversity of life originated from formless mud.

The topics of Igor Savich lectures include scientific facts in favour of Creation approach. First of all, these are contradictions with fundamental laws of physics, biology, and informatics. From the point of view of logic, evolution theory is nonsense and its influence on the modern society is very negative.  It is also dangerous  for Spiritual life of Christian church as evolution model is in absolute disagreement with the first part of the Creed.

There is a plan to record twenty five lectures of 15 minutes length. 60% of them have been already recorded and broadcasting will start in July when famous White Nights of St. Petersburg almost cease. This will help to diminish atmospheric influence and better the quality of broadcasting. Each weekly lecture ends with invitation to join the Bible Correspondence Courses, and we hope many people from far corners of Russia will be interested in the Bible Study. Please pray for the success of this project.

When God Is Near. Singers Poets About Christ

The idea of this project was born one St. Petersburg snow winter when songs of two students from Lutheran Theological seminary, Olesja Invarovskaya and Pavel Malinov were being recorded in the studio of St. Mikhail church. It seems that they were very simple and performed not very professionally, but they were sung so sincerely and with much of faith that Igor Finogenov, future producer of this music CD, decided they should be heard by other people who are so need of words of love and hope in our pragmatic time.

Further, two singers who are well know in St-Petersburg, Lyudmila Andreeva and Vladimir Bilunsky, were invited to join our project, and they were so kind to give us their songs as a gift. Mikhail Savikin, deacon of Zelenogorsk Lutheran Church, introduced each song with meaningful verses from the Bible. The disc is divided into two parts: The Bridge and Do Not Drown.  The songs from the first part are a symbolic picture of us searching Christ and making our first steps in our life of faith together with Him.  The second part is representing an adult walking with the Lord when life becomes more complicated making us face various problems.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria was so kind to have provided for us its premises including the studio to record the music and Bible verses. Please, pray for effective distribution of this CD among prisoners, needy people in hospitals and orphanages and of course with evangelical purposes among non Christian people.

The Bible Courses strengthen faith of prisoners

Concordia Foundation pays its special attention to the work among prisoners. Of course, we are not alone and many groups of believers in Russia are of the same opinion on the matter. Some of them are of great help to distribute information about Bible Correspondence Courses. In the picture you can see a group of volunteers form Petrozavodsk, the capital of Republic of Karelia (North-West Russia), in front of the prison (in Russia it is no allowed  to take pictures inside of prisons). The picture was taken just a few weeks ago, yet there was quite enough snow in Karelia. Our volunteers also distributed Bible calendars and, as to Sergey Martunjuk (he is on the right of this picture), it is like a beam of light for prisoners in the somber surroundings of prison darkness.  From time to time we receive letters from prisons. Below there is some extract from the last letter of Sergey Suzdalov,  the prisoner from Kamyshlovsky region.

“Dear friends form Concordia Foundation I became Christian here in prison. Before that I visited many various churches and Cathedrals until I finally found what answered my belief in God.  Your Bible Correspondences Courses helped me not only to learn more about God but also to become aware of more God’s plans about me and people around me. The plans that the Lord wants to see fulfilled by me mean bettering my life for His own sake. I am sure that everybody has their own spiritual problems and it is only possible to solve all of them with the help of Jesus.  I am very much grateful to the Lord that with your Courses He prompts to me very clearly the right decision.  I would like to stress it once more that it is exactly your lessons to give everyone who needs it as much of spiritual strength as possible, as in your lessons it is done through Jesus. Perhaps, it is not visible on the surface but inside it makes me stronger. This happens especially when I replied to the question of your lessons. For me personally the lessons were not very difficult but their seeming simplicity sharpened some good and deep ideas about Christian faith within me. For people like me, it is just what they need to learn about the Holy Scripture. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe, and give your piece. Amen”