Seminar at Zelenogorsk Lutheran Church

Recently Concordia Foundation organized special seminar for parish of Evangelical Lutheran Church on Zelenogorsk. The program of this one day seminar included several PowerPoint presentations  under general name “Equipped The Saints”, mutual prayer time, exercises.

The purpose of this seminar was to strengthen ability of church members for evangelization. There were shown several methods for evangelical activity and discussed possible difficulties of it for specific condition of Russia. Igor Savich who holds this seminar encouraged church members for more contacts with Concordia Foundation (CF) in a view of cooperation in various attitudes: recruiting new students for Bible Correspondence Courses, nurturing of newcomers to the church in accordance with information from CF, prayer support.

At the end of the seminar pastor of the Church Rev. Alexander Kudrjavzev  invited Igor Savich to organize second seminar in near future for developing this important  activity of Church life.

Testimony of Victoria

My name Is Victoria Zlobina. My acknowledgement of God was caused by tragic death of my father. At first, I blamed God for it, as He did not save my father,
I even stopped wearing my body cross (I used to go to an Orthodox parish at that time).
However, getting acquainted with my husband’s sister helped me a lot to regain my faith. It only means that the Lord has not abandoned me, now I go to Evangelical-Lutheran church of Ingria.

I find it very good that you have put into practice the idea of Biblical courses.
This is a good way for people to learn the Lord or gain their faith.
At present, there are more and more people trying to acknowledge God, yet not all of them
would like to fulfill the Lord’s Commandments. Anyhow, everything happens in due time.
Your lessons have helped me a lot. For example, earlier I was keen on reading mostly Book of Psalms, now I am very much interested in the whole Bible, from the beginning to the end. It has become easy for me to orientate myself in the Scripture as well as to learn Biblical passages by heart.
The help of your lessons is very valuable also in the sense of having brought me closer to believing people, having strengthened my faith and given me a new environment for communication.
I would like very much to maintain connection with you further on,
thank you very much.

A New Field of Activity

Recently Igor Savich had a meeting in his office with Rev. Dmitry Martyshenko from Kaluga town. Kaluga is a town with a population nearly 300 thousands and it is only 120 km from Moscow. It has a rich history including Lutheran church history. Pastor Dmitry is eager to revival Lutheran church in Kaluga. Now he has a group of Christian who appealed for registration for local Ministry of Justice as Lutheran church.

Dmitry is very sure that in Kaluga many people have a strong desire to study Bible with a help of BCC that supported by Concordia Foundation. He has taken at home with him many advertisement’s flayers with information about Bible Correspondence Courses.

His next plan is to produce the film about Christianity in Kaluga region. Please pray for establishing of a new Lutheran church in Kaluga.