Bible Correspondence Courses: More information, more students…

The distribution of the iformation about BCC was made in St. Petersburg and near region with help of “Context of Your Life” monthly newspaper . This youth newspaper is very popular among youngsters as each time it has fresh news about musical and culture life of St. Petersburg.

There is special advertisement about BCC that put on the front page of the official web site of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria.

Two times per week announcement about BCC is broadcasting by Trans World Radio across Russia on 1053 Mgz wave.

There were published special informative attractive flayers with invitation to join Bible Correspondence Courses with Application Forms for two persons. The set of these flayers including letters to pastors of Lutheran parishes have being sent to more than 150 Lutheran churches of Russia.

These flayers are also distributed among customers of the Christian bookstores of St. Petersburg.

There are 80 town, villages, and cities of Russia where people of various sages from 15 to 60 years old study the Bible with help of our Correspondence Courses.

Please pray for stimulation interests to study Bible and to strengthening of Christian faith of people in Russia.