Splinters of Distorting Mirror

“Kinship with God is offered to the man,

yet the man stubbornly claims kin with

the animals trying to find some suitable

place for himself in their pedigree”.

P. Prokhorov

“My faraway childhood leaves an old oriental fairy-tale as one of its vivid remembrances. A jinn had a magic mirror to help him see various events taking place on the earth, but those events were reflected by the mirror strangely and unnaturally. It is hard to remember all the details of the fairy-tale, but its essence lies in the fact that once the mirror was broken into many splinters that flew away around the world. Those of the people who picked them up started to see everything distorted.

The same situation was there after the book of Charles Darwin “The origin of Species” had been published. The splinters of the distorting mirror slowly spread  throughout the world.

The theory of evolutionism that has been so richly flourishing during the last 150 years transformed social concept of the environment. Manipulating by discoveries of natural sciences and using all kinds of assumptions helped patch up some theoretical veneer to explain world order.

Despite of obvious contradictions to physical laws and that of logic, evolutionism yet prevails in programs for general and university education. The present work aims at brief and concise analysis of some key statements of evolutionism”.

This is short of introduction of the brochure that published recently by Concordia Foundation in St. Petersburg (3000 copies). The main goal of this edition is to help in Russia to recognize truth about Creation.

Seminar in Kaluga

Igor Savich has recently visited Lutheran church of Kaluga. Kaluga is a town in central Russia. It is an ancient Russian town with rich history full of meaningful events. Its Lutheran parish was established there in 1826. The parish was brought to life again due to efforts of Dmitry Martyshenko two years ago. Mr. Martyshenko converted the former art studio of his father into church building using his own resources.  Now, Mr. Martyshenko is a pastor of the re-established church.

Pastor Dmitry invited Igor Savich to hold seminar on the topic “Equipment of the Saints” in his church. Pastor Dmitry is very much interested in developing media contacts with all those who really want to learn more about God and Christian faith. His web site www.luteranin.org is directed to this purpose.

That is why the seminar appeared to be exactly the source to inform people on how to use various media instruments to reach wider audiences. Members of the church were very much inspired by the opening possibilities and offered their own services as volunteers to spread information about correspondence biblical courses.
The seminar saw suggestion of various ways to reach people with the aim of their evangelization.