Christmas Project – final stage

Now it is reached final stage of the Christmas Project. The author of the text is Dmitry Jakubov originally from Russia and now he lives in U.S. He gave copy rights to St. Mikhail Church for publication of this book. This small book will contains only 96 pages but saturated with nice Christian and Christmas verses for Children.

It contains also special material for Drama performances for Children about Christmas and drama verses Small Rose and Moses and Snake. In some way it is Children activity book.

With a purpose of choose the right illustrations for this book the Director and the Publishing Manager of Concordia Foundation visited Children’s Center “KItezgrad” in St. Petersburg.

The purpose of this center is help children to open their abilities and talents in drawing, making ceramic and handicrafts.  The teacher of drawing studio Marianna Nickolskaja was so kind that showed us many various beautiful things that children produced.

It was really as a Fairy Land saturated with bright colors and amazing forms.The Director of “Kitezgrad” Karen Avakjan showed also ceramic work of his pupils and promised to give us all kind pictures as we wished for our Christmas book.

After few hours we leaved this beautiful Center with grateful hearts and with nice pictures for our small book. We hope that pictures painted by Children will be most attractive for our potential readers: Children first of all and of course their parents and grandparents.

Lutheran Jewish Community

“Like a hunted gazelle, like a sheep without shepherd, each will return to his own people, each will flee to his native land” (Isaiah 13:14). This verse from the Bible was like an appeal from the Lord for Alexander Atlas nearly 20 years ago when only had first glimpses of perestroika in the Soviet Union.

At that time he lived in Krasnodar with his wife and small son. Three persons independently quoted this verse from the Bible for him but when his mother –in –law came to him tow week later with the same verses he and wife decided that it was the sign from the Lord and they started to arrange things to immigrate to Israel.

During these long years it was very difficult for him he worked for 15 years as a simple worker on a plant of metallic constructions but he never had regret about his immigration as he was fulfilled the will of God. He continued to serve in the Russia Diaspora in Israel using his talent as a musician.

Now he came back for the short visit to St. Petersburg to visit local Jewish Community of Lutheran Church of Ingria and shared his testimony with people of this Church in the heart St. Petersburg.

He is an artist and had song beautiful songs in Hebrew and Russian languages accompanied by him on piano.

A woman from this community was dancing with inspiration. At that time I remembered another verse from the Lord’s Prayer where we pray “Your will be done on earth as it is on heaven” (Matt. 6:10). It is indeed important to fulfill completely the will of the Lord and not to try adapting to our own desires in accordance with present situation. Even if it seems sometimes looks for us as a better solution.

By Igor Savich

Reformation Day – The Day of Youth in Vyborg Church!

Vyborg is the old small town nearly 800 years old. The province was established in 1743 by separating the city of Viipuri and territories ceded from the Swedish Empire to Russia by the Treaty of Nystad in 1721, from the Saint Petersburg Governorate, and including the new territorial gain. At that time it was known as the Vyborg Governorate. It has only 120 thousand people now and attracts tourists by his picturesque architecture and old castle.

Lutheran church of Vyborg situates in the center of the historical part of the Vyborg and thanks for its excellent location has a good potential for newcomers. The visit to Lutheran Church in Vyborg was coincided with celebration of Reformation Day this year.

For staff of Concordia Foundation was a pleasant surprise that this day was a youth day in this church. All the hymns were song from special youth music youth collection.  Plus to this the big youth group was accompanied to themselves with help of various music instruments. Sometimes the rhythm was very vivid and it seems that the old church building was filled by new content and new spiritual power.

This day was special for Concordia staff also as it was agreed with pastor of Vyborg church Rev Vladimir Dorodny about organizing “Equipped the Saints” seminar for church members.

Igor Savich described various methods of evangelism and communication with help of Power Point presentations’. Practically all youth of the church were present on this meeting. Many of them wrote most interesting details of evangelical methods and practically examples in their notebooks. The leader of the youth group Victoria was very pleased for this seminar as it stimulated evangelical activity in the church.