Two publications in Advent season

Recently Concordia Foundation published Wall Biblical calendar. This special edition is for general public with Evangelical purpose. For each month was prepared attractive picture. Biblical verses were put on the page of each month of calendar figures (see picture).

Sergey Martynjuk who in the charge of prison ministry in Karelia Republic said that this Calendar is ideal fits for evangelization as people very much like the pictures but Bible verses put so unobtrusively that they did not give impression of a rough propaganda.

Our next publication was Christmas Children verses book. The author of this book is Dmitry Jakubov originally from Russia and now he lives in U.S. He gave copy rights to us for publication.

This small book is contains only 96 pages but saturated with nice Christian and Christmas verses for Children. It contains also special material for Drama performances for Children about Christmas and drama verses for performances Small Rose Bow.

In some way it is Children activity book. The illustrations for this book was kindly provided by Children from Kitezgrad Public Center of St. Petersburg (see picture). Pastor Sergey Tatarenko from St. Mikahil Lutheran church said that it is the best book for Children that he ever seen during last several years in Russia.

Seminar in Kolbino Lutheran Church

At the end of November it was organized Equipped The Saints (ETS) seminar in Lutheran church of Kolbino  village. This place is very close to the city and there is also Lutheran Theological seminary on its territory.

The ETS seminar was held in the big Lutheran church that was renovated with help of Finish Christians few yeas ago. This church building was constructed from wood and inside it is very similar to Noah Ark. It is very symbolic as Ark was built with a purpose of saving the faithful people from dead. At the same way Church is gathering people who already saved with a mercy of God from dead.

During this seminar 23 young persons of the church were present. There were many questions. After each break the youth song some Christian hymns. This seminar was coincided with a first Sunday of Advent.  The mood was very joyful as the Christmas season is approaching.

Igor Savich described the purpose and history of Lutheran Hour Ministries. There were also presented various methods of evangelism and communication with help of Power Point presentations’. Practically all youth of the church were gathered on this meeting (see pictures). The leader of the youth group of this church Ivan Laptev was very interesting in these topics and during seminar helped sometimes with appropriate questions.

About BCC from young and old

“BCC helped me to understand my girl. She is Christian a long time and I could not understand her talks and her ideas until I learned yours BCC.

Before started learning BCC, I was Christian only a short time. And earlier I was Orthodox Church atheist. I hope you know what I mean. Your Biblical courses helped me very much. There are very compressed information about Church and Bible. Sometimes it is difficult to ask in the Church. Before BCC I could not understood who are angels or demons, and I could hardly knew about trinity of God.

The lessons are written in very attractive manner but the testing system is too simple to my mind. I understood many things more clearly after BCC I would like to have some assignments where I should write the replies by myself.

I cannot say that I fully Christian now as I need to be baptized. Thank you very much for your help and care about me.” Ivan Adabash. He is 24 years old and lives in Yekaterinburg

“In 1991 I received the New Testament as a gift. I started to read and began to attend Pentecostal church and finally I was baptized in 1995. Through your Biblical lessons I become more confirmed in God and become strong spiritually. Your lessons are very good and helped to serve more God and serve better to my sisters and brothers.

I would like to learn more and more as I like very much your Bible Correspondence Courses. Thank you very much.” Iraida Syriza. She is 72 years old and lives in Karelia Republic.