Gospel Music and Terrorist Attack

Few days ago in St. Petersburg have taken place Six International Festival of Evangelical Culture “Baptization Nights”. Hundreds and hundreds of various people visited main Lutheran Cathedrals of St. Petersburg for enjoy not only music but to hear sound preaching and to meet friends. Concordia Foundation had a very good distribution of its recourses on this Festival. People were very interested in Biblical Calendars, Christmas Children book, When God is Near CD.  On the next day after completion of this festival I received e-mail letter from one of my friend Alexander Shtobe. He wrote:

“Dear Igor Mikhailovich,
this is what I call life, even more, modern reality of life. It was only yesterday when my father and me came to our Lutheran parish where the final stage of the VI-th International  Festival of Evangelical Culture took place. We were very much happy to listen to wonderful pieces of  spiritual and church music the poets who came to the concert recited their wonderful verses with much passion and  actor gift. The singers invited to the concert were marvelous. Everything was imbibed with mighty spirit of joy that life with the Lord brings everyone who cares for it.

It was very remarkable that our Lutheran pastor made a very good speech, even a better one than that of the Baptist preacher taking the floor almost right after his Lutheran colleague. My father and I were very much happy after the concert and in the evening we had a great spiritual food for discussion.

Now, back to what I’ve just called modern reality of life, I mean, sharp contrasts that are so characteristic of our time  for today not only Moscow, but also whole Russia, and I won’t hesitate  saying the whole wide world witnessed still another act of terrorism…

First of all, I pray for all the perished and victims of the act. Let the Holy Spirit stay most firmly with those who lost their friends, colleagues, relatives.Let the Holy Spirit stay most firmly with all the medical workers (surgeons, medical sisters, other specialists) as well as with ordinary ambulance drivers, and psychologists. Let Him enlighten their minds and bless their hearts while struggling for lives of the victims.

Lord, we ask You most kindly, please, teach us to number our days  aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom (Ps 90:12).  For the sake of Your Holy name, amen.
Stay blessed, Alexander Shtobe“.

God is merciful. Please join us in prayer for the people who experienced this terrible attack and their relatives.

Meeting with youth

Recently Igor Savich director of Concordia Foundation in St. Petersburg had meeting with youth of St. Maria Lutheran church. It was regular meeting of youth at that evening but Igor Savich presented the materials of Equipping The Saints seminar.

During his presentation the young people placed many questions concerning evangelization, contacts with newcomers of the church, the various methods spreading of Good News. It looks that everyone was eager to do something to fulfilling the Great Command of Jesus “ Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Farther and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you”.

Many of the presented expressed desire for distribution the flyers of Concordia Foundation with information about Bible Correspondence Courses. One young woman Oksana Grebenshikova talked with rapture about these Biblical Courses that she held several years ago. She wished that many people from outside of the church could have possibility to study Bible with help of these courses.

Another young man Alexander Sinchuk who is the student of St. Petersburg Pedagogic University also decided distribute these informative flayers inside of this Universality among students.

At the end of this seminar was general prayer when each of the presented youth prayed for the needs of the church, for their relatives who are not yet Christians and of course for the activity and success of various projects of Concordia Foundation. Please pray also for the possibility to reach people with help of secular mass media and also for spiritual gifts of these young people who are ready to participate and help in our Evangelical projects and actions.

Christmas in Kitezgrad Children’s Public Center

The staff of Concordia Foundation visited Kitezgrad Children’s Public Center on December 24. The purpose of this visit is presentation of Christmas Book to the Children of this Center.

There was a lot of fan during this evening in Kitezgrad that was organized by the teachers of this Center under leadership of Mr Karen Avakjan.

All Children were divided for four groups and each of them should visited once of the five special rooms where had being prepared for them a lot of interesting things. In one room they should produce some birds from the paper, in other – made small decorations on the traditional biscuits.

In third they had meetings with a very big cat sitting on the table who demanded  from them to sing some songs about cats. In fourth room one lady in special national garments played on various music instruments and Children should recognized the tunes.

Finally all of them were gathered in one big room where Ded Moroz (Russian Santa Claus ) appeared and ask them to sing some song and to perform  traditional dances.

It is necessary to add that many of the Children were dressed in Russian traditional clothes. After that each of them received candies from Ded Moroz and Christmas Children book from Igor Savich.

Most exciting thing of this entertainment was that all pictures of this book were painted by these Children of 7-9 years old (see our previous publications). Children were very happy to receive the copy of this Christian book.

There were distributed 90 copies of this Christmas book. And as each kid has parents and grandparents who without doubts will have a look through these books richly illustrated by their offspring we can be sure that not less than 500 persons will be introduced with Christian values during this Christmas season.Please pray for them and for this Children Public Center of St. Petersburg. Let the Lord will touch their hearts.