Cry to God cry for help

This letter we received recently from one of our student who just started to learn on our Bible Correspondence Courses.   

“Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

With this letter of mine I’m directing my questions to you: what should I do, how should act? It seems like I can’t go with my faith any further, for there are no changes in my heart and there’s no helping to it. Although I believe in Jesus Christ and I pray continuously, I even try to observe fasting periods. Unfortunately, I still remain a stupid one as I was before. I still do have all these negative qualities like greediness, lie, envy, disapproval of others, bitterness, and many other bad qualities. I don’t have anyone to talk to and there’s nowhere to go for me since our village doesn’t have neither church, nor any parish.

I like to listen to the radio “Teos”, I watch continuously TV-channels Spas, Soyuz (these are Russian Orthodox channels), I also watch Christian TV-channel CNL. I pray together with the people there, do everything they tell their viewers to do. I watch All-Night Vigil on Saturdays, Divine Liturgy on Sundays. I watch even Orthodox TV channels for children, and I’ve recorded morning and evening prayers. However, there’s nothing of the kind within myself, it all passes by leaving me alone, without anything. Once I listened to the parable about seed and its seeder, it often comes to my mind now, I think, the same things are happening to me at the moment. I try to catch this spirituality, but it like melts away every time and then steadily disappears completely leaving me alone with my daily problems. This is the point when I usually start getting angry with those who are changed by God, while I’m not. Is it true, that there, in the skies, there’s no equality? It all turns out to be so interesting: some receive everything straight away, some have to put certain effort into it, and for others the way seems to be blocked completely, I don’t know why.

As for the prayer, I start praying as suddenly some extraneous thoughts creep into my head making my prayer weak, sour and dry. What should I do to switch off my brain during the prayer from all foreign things, and switch on my brain to receive answers from God.

 Still one more thing. It concerns to anointment and Holy Communion. I mean, not all the people have this possibility to take anointment or Communion. Probably, many of them have never heard about it. I didn’t know anything about before setting satellite antenna a year and a half ago. It appears that the people who have never heard about anointment and Communion are bound to go to hell, aren’t they? And what about invalids, disable people, are they going to be left at a loose end? That’s all rubbish to me, and I doubt it very much. I keep watching all these Christian and Russian Orthodox programs, yet I’ve never heard a pastor or a church officer direct their words of peace and comfort to such people, not a single word.

Still one more problem, actually, it’s of great importance, problem number one as I’d call it. It concerns envy, how can one get rid of this feeling? I often ask myself why I look at people today. They have everything everything’s at their disposal and I appear to be left out. Yet with all this, I practically forget about the people who were ready to make some feat in the name of Jesus. Well, of course, when I hear or see, then it’s quite another story. However, already some minutes later it all escapes me so easily and I forget about them. But such people have renounced everything they had in the name of Christ.. And to me it seems absolutely impossible even to imagine how one can renounce everything and be a follower of Whom one has never ever seen.

I ask for your help, dear sisters and brothers in Christ, since I can’t find any sensible answers to these questions myself.

There’s me, such ugly duckling,

Best regards,

Sergei Gertsev”

Please pray for Sergey and for the possibility to him to find church.

Biblical Lessons in Gymnasium

It is third time as Dr. Igor Savich was invited to talk about his Christian faith in one of the gymnasiums of St. Petersburg. This day pupils from five classes (13-15 years old) listened to him.

He started his presentation from the critique of the existing material in biological manuals about origin of man. Igor Savich gave several examples of wrong interpretations of fossils of ancient people.

 Then he talked about quite different theory of the people creation that is written in the first book of the Bible. He showed with many examples that man was created by God as His image. He said also that all specific qualities of the man is testifying about his absolutely and deep difference from monkey.

Finally Igor Savich said about miserable destiny of atheists who do not believe in God and about Christians who have hope on the eternal life. There were many questions from pupils who were interested of Christian faith, scientific details of the Creation, about Jesus Christ.

At the end of each lecture each pupil received as a gift small book written by Igor Savich about evolution and creation. On the last page of this small book there was invitation form for Bible Correspondence Courses supporting by  Concordia Foundation.    

Please pray for these Children who heard truth about Creation and received this small book with facts against theory of Evolution that so deep penetrated in the educational system of Russia.