God fulfilled my requests

Our graduated student of Bible Correspondence Courses Tatiana Shlakich wrote in her letter to the Concordia Foundation .

“I started to learn the Bible with help of your Correspondence Course after two months of my Baptization. During my life God many times fulfilled my requests but I did not understand this. And then He started to send me various tests one after another. I tried to decide my problems but at last I understood that all my problems is my uncertainness to open the door of the Church and enter. At last God had taken my hand and led me into the Church.

And when I graduated BCC I understood what it means Christianity for me. It is not simple enter to the Temple and put the candle. This is not enough. It is necessary the constant and living relationships with God and His Son Jesus Christ. The BCC gave me possibility to strengthen in my faith, gave me freedom safety and confidence.

Thank you very much”

Workshop in Jukki Lutheran Church

This small church is situated very close to St. Petersburg. In fact Jukki is the name of a village where this Lutheran church was reestablished twenty years ago. For some sad accident the old building of the church was burned on 1991. Seven years later with help of the churches from Finland the new church building was built from big wooden logs. And for this reason the inner atmosphere of the church is very cosy, natural and warm.

On Saturday March 12 when the big hips of snow only started melting the staff of Concordia Foundation is visited this parish with purpose of evangelical training. During his presentation Igor Savich talked about various evangelical approaches, the importance of individual attitude and establishing relationships. During this workshop the people although not very numerous posed many questions for clarification various topics.

Pastor of this Lutheran church Rev Ivan Huttor was also presented and he made a good assistance with appropriate examples and comments. At the end of the workshop was arisen an animated discussion about motivation of the church members for more intensive evangelism. Of course it should be spiritual motivation in accordance with command of Jesus Himself as it is written in the last two verses of Mathew.

 And the field for evangelical activity is very close to this church. There are many multi storage buildings across the main road of this church. Thousands and thousands people live there and do know about the possibility of spiritual comfort and piece at their homes that they can receive very simple – just to cross the road and enter the small wooden building with a cross on top of the roof.

Who is perfect?

There is one provoking question in one of our lessons of the Bible Correspondence Course. It is written that Concordia Foundation is looking for perfect person. If somebody knows this kind of man please inform us.

Until now it was only one positive response on this question. One of our students wrote to us that only Jesus Christ is a perfect man. But month ago one woman (her name is Antonina Sladkova and she lives in Solonezkaja poljana village)  informed us that she knows this person. “This is the woman from our village – she wrote to us. She is always smiling and never did any kind of wrong thing”.  I wrote to her with the request to ask this woman if she herself consider that she is really perfect.

Few days ago we received the answer: “No, this woman is not perfect. She is not attending the church”