Meeting in Gatchina

Few days ago staff of Concordia Foundation visited Gatchina Lutheran Church. Gatchina is a small but picturesque town about 20 miles from St. Petersburg.

Gatchina Church BuildingThe firstLutheran church was build in 1793 and was constructed from wood. But in 1825 in accordance with honorary command of Impress Maria Fhedorovna was confirmed the new project for the church from the stone and at that time Gatchina Lutheran church was adopted name of St. Nicholas.

During Soviet time the church was closed and reopened again in 1990. Now in the church has taken place regular mesas. There are Sunday school, youth group, church choir, and deacony group.   

During this visit it was organized special Equipped the Saints meeting for the church members. The Pastor of the church Rev Andrew Tuchkanen was very pleased to support this idea of evangelical training meeting.

After the meeting Rev Andrew talked witn Igor Savich about his future plans. The youth leader Maria Poltorack shared her vision about developing of youth activity in the church. She was very eager to have some additional youth literature and even asked to reprint special booklet “For what do you live?’ for evangelical purposes. She has strong vision of increasing activity of youth group in the church.

Please pray for the further and fruitful contact with volunteers from this parish.

Prisons are harvest fields for Gospel in Karelia

This year was especially fruitful in prison ministry in Karelia Republic. The group of devoted Christians were visited several prisons. God is specially blessed them in their ministry as at that time it was possible to visit the prisons that were closed for Gospel during many years.

Concordia Foundation supported this ministry and provided Biblical calendars for these trips for prisons in Karelia . During their activity the Christians were visited prisons in Medvejegorsk and in Nadvoizy where situates special prison with hospital for tuberculosis people.

Everywhere God opened the doors and even chiefs of the prisons were happy to receive Biblical calendars as gifts. There were several Christians who came to Christ when they themselves were in prisons. Their testimonies were especially valuable and impressed very much the listeners in prisons.

As said Sergei Martunjuk, one of the member of prison’s team, the God’s words are true as It is written “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field” (Matt. 9:38). We prayed in our church for this work and the Lord blessed us for His harvest field”.

Please pray for fruits of this prison ministry in Karelia.