From your BCC I knew who God is and who Jesus is

Recently we received short letter from Dmitry Ushakov who is our student. He is prisoner. And his prison is very far from St. Petersburg in Artem town, Primorsky region (Far East of Russia).

He wrote: “From your Bible Correspondence Courses I knew who God  is and who  Jesus is. Your courses helped mevery much . I changed my views. And my thinking is also has being changed.

I liked your lessons. It is inspired me. Three years ago seed was sowed in my soul and now it is sprouted. Thank you very much for patience and your fidelity to our Lord Jesus Christ. Dmitry”

Please pray for Dmitry and for his growth in Jesus.

Easter Festival in St. Petersburg

Easter Charity Music Festival has taken place in St. Petersburg in April 23 under support of Youth For Christ Mission and Concordia Foundation.

It is becoming a good tradition in St. Petersburg for organization this beautiful Christian holyday in the third time. At that day the best representatives of Christian music showed their talents for the glory of resurrected Jesus and as a testimony for the outer world.

The festival was opened by «Milk and Honey» music group. The leader of this group Tatjana Urkevich was born in Kuban of the South of Russia and flavor of south motives were filled her songs.

After that Open group from Kingisepp demonstrated quite different and popular among youth pop-punk style.  This encouraging music gave gaiety and energy for the festival. After this group there were one after another dancing group JCGP, BIOS music group, «Arnion» music group, «Sotvorenie» (Creation) pantomime theater, «C-Bemol» hip –hop group and guests for Lomonosov with a name «All I Have».

 Each of the participants of this festival brought with them a special part of understanding of this very important event that had taken place almost two thousands years ago.

At the end of festival the leader of pantomime theater and pastor of the church Viktor Lavrinenko has taken time to say to all spectators (it was more than three hundreds youth people) about importance of the Easter. He said about redemption of our sins by death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that gave a new hope for each person on the Earth.

As a decoration for the hall of the Festival were used two special big banners with writings “It is a time for Bible study” with telephone number and web site of Concordia Foundation.

 The staff of Concordia Foundation distributed among spectators Easter invitation flyers for the Bible Correspondents Courses and at the end of Festival each of the participants was happy to receive as a gift illustrated Bible calendar of Concordia Foundation production.