Biblical calendars in Eastern Siberia

In a process of cooperation with Lutheran churches in Krasnoyarsk region of  Eastern Siberia Concordia Foundation sent Biblical calendars to deacon Vjacheslav Shadrin in Munisinsk town. It is many thousands miles from St. Petersburg. Deacon Vjacheslav worked activly with calendars distribution in Krasnoyarsk Region. Thirty Biblical calendars were distributed in Ermakovskaja village. Very soon it will opened Sunday School there.

People were happy to receive these calendars. Some of the old people in Krasnoyarsk have Lutheran roots and they were especially pleased to receive these calendars as a gift from Concordia Foundation. On one of the picture is Bauer family in Minusinsk who had Lutheran parents. Thirty calendars were sent for distribution also to pastor Luchagov who has mission activity in villages of Karatuges district of Eastern Siberia.

Please pray for the growth of Lutheran churches in Eastern Siberia.