I Came To God Due To My Doubts

 I wasn’t attending any church nor was I a believer in Christ till I started studying the Bible through the Correspondence Bible Courses.

These lessons helped me to learn about Christian faith. I understood what role Christ plays for the Christian faith. The lessons also helped me to know God better. I learned about the relationship of all that is supernatural in our world.

I had various spiritual problems while studying, and the Courses helped me to solve those. I used to doubt that there is a Creator, but now I know that there is! Also the Correspondence Bible Courses helped me to become firmer in my faith. I began viewing Christian faith with much respect and honor.

I liked all of the lessons – most of all I valued their density; don’t really know how they could be improved.

I came to God due to my doubts that brought me to faith, and that brought relief to my soul. I don’t need help in finding a church. I am an old person already and I am not looking for one, but one exists in me.

I think that after these Courses a person could be quite ready to attend a church regularly. 

Leonid Dvoretsky

St. Petersburg

Zhigulin and Co

On June 25th St. Petersburg group  Zhigulin and Co began its work on the new album Pastorale under support of Concordia Foundation.

The group is playing their own type of the acoustic underground with some elements of  folk songs. Their music is peaceful and harmonious, and their melodies, simple at first site, are genuine and intangible, as if not out of this world.

Group’s performances have always been a remarkable part of many festivals, among which we can name SKIF and Rock-Asia; in 2006 the group got grand prize of the  art song festival in St. Petersburg which was organized by the group Zimovie Zverey.

Zhigulin and Co is currently rehearsing its new songs in order to begin their recording in the fall. They’ve chosen ten songs which they sang St. Petersburg earlier during a short concert in the Context Club. Today, with the support of the Concordia Fund they have opportunity to record an album of this program. Completion of this work is planned for the end of this year. It would be followed by the series of concerts at the mainstream music venues of the city.

Zhigulin and Co’s website: www.sestrannik.ru


Church of Ingria Celebrates 400 Years

The first parish of the Lutheran Church of Ingria was established in 1611 – precisely 400 years ago. It was founded in a small village of Lembolovo. This happened not too far from the banks of the Neva River, confined by the Gulf of Finland, the Narva River, and the Lake Paipus in the West and Lake Ladoga in the East. In olden times this region was called Ingermanland, and 400 years ago no one could even imagine all of the things that would happen in this area. Nowadays all of this is considered to be history; nevertheless the Church of Ingria numbers 80 parishes all over Russia. In 1656 one more Lutheran Church was established in the village of Gubanitsy. In commemoration of the Church’s anniversary special worship services were held on July 31, 2011 at the same place where the Church of Ingria has begun and in the Lutheran Church in the village of Gubanitsy.

Several hundreds of people from various parishes of Russian Lutheran Churches and from the friendly Finland Chruches gathered to celebrate this event. There was a grand concert with the participation of choirs from Vyborg, St. Petersbur (St. Mikhail Church’s choir, “Kaya” choir), from parishes in Gatchina and Tuutari, choir of Narva society “Inkerin Luuto” and “People of Gospel” Finland choir. Reverend Seppo Hyakkinen, missionary Arvo Syrvo, Reverend August Kruze, Senior Priest of St. Mikhail’s parish Sergei Tatarenko, Senior Priest of parish Ture Alexander Khlynov, and representatives from Finland Church Lasse Niikarikosky Ulius Matta and others gave an opening speech. In the end, the combined choir of pastors sang a church hymn.

Some souvenirs – cups and shirts with specially designed logotype – were produced in commemoration of this remarkable date with the financial support of Concordia Fund. Celebration in Gubanitsy started in the afternoon and lasted until the evening. It was raining cats and dogs in Gatchina district and in the whole Leningrad region that day, but just a few drops of rain fell over the place where hymns of praise to God were sung and sun even made its way to the place where God was glorified…