Seminar in Terijoky Lutheran Parish

This month Concordia Foundation organized Equipped The Saints seminar in Terijoki (Zelenogorsk) Lutheran Church. Evangelical – Lutheran Parish Terijoki is a part of Ingria Church.  This parish was established 102 years ago.  The church building situates practically in the center of Zelenogorsk town. It is very convenient for visitors and tourists who are very numerous at summer.  Zelenogorsk is a suburb of St. Petersburg and situates on the picturesque side of Kareleen isthmus of the Gulf of Finland, 50 km from St. Petersburg.

New pastor of this church Rev. Dmitry Galahov is very keen in increasing evangelical activity of his parish. During presentations where was present most active members of the church there were many questions about Concordia mission and specific questions about evangelical approaches. The participants of seminar thanks very much the staff of Concordia Foundation and said that they are doing very important job.

When seminar is finished three persons came to the church building and one of them started asking about differences between Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches. At that time only staff of Concordia Foundation was in the church. At the beginning Igor Savich was puzzled but  the guy explained that he is Muslim and would like to know more about differences between Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches. Two other young men were his friends from Russian Orthodox church and it looked like that they could not satisfy his questions.

Igor Savich and his helper Natasha gave him details of worshipping not only in these churches but also in Lutheran. That explanation is fully satisfied guy and he expressed thanks and left. His friends were happy also because desire of their friend was fulfilled …at last.