A Church on the Lake

One early morning the staff of Concordia Foundation came to Pobeda village to visit an Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Peter and Paul. It was still dark when we arrived to the place and we were astound by the towering brick walls with the aperture of empty windows and the floor overgrown with grass inside that building.

But the pastor of the church, Nikolai Volodarski, took us into a small bright hall where the worship took place. Right after the worship we had a seminar during which Igor Savich gave a presentation about the Concordia Foundation’s work and talked about methods of congregation’s strengthening and enlarging. Igor talked aboutr Evangelical activity and its methods.

Fourteen people participated in this seminar, most of them were of advanced age. However, when the pastor’s wife, Zinaida, invited us to come up to the second floor, it became obvious to us that this church does have future.

The second floor is a bright, warm room decorated by various crafts handmade by children. Pictures on the walls looked surprisingly very mature. Sunday school in this church has now more than thirty kids of various ages.

Zinaida is an experienced teacher, she is a distinguished teacher of Russian. She told to us that the Sunday school could easily have 100 children, but the pastor Nikolai Volodarski accepts only those kids whose parents ask to count their child in for this Sunday school.

At the end of our visit the pastor took us inside the big building which we saw that early  morning. The fate of this building was tragic. It was opened in 1934 (at that time the territory which it was on belonged to Finland) and few years later the World War II began.

After the War the land was given to the Soviet Union and the church was closed. People tried to reorganize the building in order to make a club there, they even took the cross off of it and put a star in its place. But during the first strong storm the lightning stroke the star and completely destroyed it.

Communists were frightened and the idea of the club was put off and eventually the building of the church was used as a storage yard for the agricultural products, though not for too long – in 1980s there happened a fire and the building got burned out from within.

So that morning we saw what was left after the fire. We really hope that those who come for the Sunday school will maintain the seeds of faith that are sown into them with such love and patience.

And that some time in the future this magnificent building would be reconstructed and the bell will once again ring over the surrounding villages calling people to church.

Gift to Concordia Foundation

We continue our relationship with Elena Sokolova  author of Eternal Kingdom novel that was recorded for broadcasting.

Elena Sokolova expressed her desire to present to Concordia Foundation the number of her books for free distribution. When Igor Savich visited he home he was surprised that Elena is also a good painter.

She demonstrated her artistic feelings not only in writing but in painting also. Her dog was accompanied Elena and was not very much pleased when Igor Savich started to take out books from her apartment.

In fact more than 300 books of Elena’s  novels were brought to Concordia Foundation. And it is very good as we have many requests from various people for Christian literature and especially for prisons.

Oksana, the secretary on Concordia in St. Petersburg, immediately started posting of these books in accordance with requests.

The books of Elena Sokolova include various novels writing in allegoric manner where clearly visible God’s work and His creation. She is very eager for spreading her books as it is real tool for evangelic influence on the people of various ages.

Her novels for Children gave us an idea to use it also as a material for future radio programs.

Four Seasons at Ture

On October 29 the third concert of International Festival Four Seasons at Ture had place in Lutheran church of Martyshkino village in suburb of St. Petersburg. During the concert the music of Bach, Zipolli, Scarlatti, Tchaikovsky, Handel, Rachmaninov, Schuman were sounded. The church building (more than 200 sits) was almost full.

The artist performed and song beautifully masterpieces of classis music but the sensation of the concert was Anton Samsonov who virtuously performed the piano music of Bach, Rachmaninov and Shuman. The boy was only10 years old and came to concert with his mother. Anton and his mother were happy to receive as a gift Christmas book from Igor Savich, director of Concordia Foundation.

Concordia Foundation and mission department of Ingria Church organized special distribution of spiritual literature after concert. The people were eager to receive books about Lutheran faith and biblical calendars by Concordia Foundation.

There was also distribution of the special “music” flayers with invitation to the Bible Correspondent Courses on the back. On front of these flayers was written that majority of famous composers were inspired by God and they had intention to share their feeling with other people with help of music. Their desire was to attract attention of the listeners to the great truths that include in the Bible.

And this was challenge to everyone for open the Bible and if they need a help in understanding Concordia Foundation is ready to help. Each artist received as a special gift the biblical calendar by Concordia Foundation. Next concert is planning to organize during Christmas season in the same church building.