Greetings from Concordia Foundation

The person is equipped to go to the Church

This letter is from prisoner who graduated from BBC.

Before studying the Bible through the Correspondence Bible Courses I thought that I was a Christian, but I was only able to find the truth once I started going through the lessons.

These lessons helped me to know the Christian faith better. Before that my knowledge was very shallow. Through these lessons I was able to know God better – I learned about His character and about the way He sees people.

Before studying through the Correspondence Bible Courses I didn’t attend any church. Now I know that I will not part from the Christian way, and I am looking for a church that will be in accordance with my convictions. The Correspondence Bible Courses helped me to get established in my faith.

I liked everything I went through during my studies, although most helpful was the fact that the lessons helped me to learned more about the sin and the Gospel, and about the church. There are still some questions that remain.

I don’t think I’d improve anything in the Courses. I think that after going through them a person is equipped to attend a church and to become a true child of God.

I believe in God and I can’t continue leaving in a worldly manner. I’d like to continue studying doing question-answer lessons through  the Correspondence Bible Courses.

Maxim Aleksandrovich Logunov

The Truth is on the Surface

A symposium Days of Petersburg Philosophy took place in St. Petersburg. This event gathers hundreds participants both from Russia and from abroad annually. Concordia Foundation took part in one of the workshops of this symposium called TRUTH AS A VALUE AND THE PROBLEM OF TRUE VALUES IN TODAYS RUSSIAN CULTURE (Led by: Candidate of Philosophical Science, assistant professor of philosophy  from St. Petersburg State University of economics and finance, Masloboyeva Olga Dmitrievna and Doctor of Biological Science, Savich Igor Mikhailovich).

Last-years discussions on the question of truth and its interaction with philosophy, science, religion and art sparked genuine interest among present scientists who were representing various cultural spheres in wide geographical range — Russia, Former Russia and USA. The following topics were discussed during the symposium: classic and present-day concept of truth and its standards; truth and value in classic and present-day science; true and ostensible values of philosophy, science, religion, morality and art; organic concept of truth, goodness, beauty, justice and holiness in the Russian society, etc. Alongside with purely philosophical issues we also touched on some questions of Christian faith.

Vice-principle of the religious, philosophical and pedagogical center named after Y. A. Komenski, K. K. Ivanov at the end of his speech about love for truth said, “Now we can fully understand the meaning of our love for truth. As any other kind of love it seeks reciprocity and finds fulfillment in it. The love of truth in the fullness of its religious, personal manifestation as communication between God and men is a special gift of Christian faith. And the everlasting classic of the Christian faith is that be the means of the Holy Spirit we miraculously get to know the eternal, inaccessible God in the person of a man — Jesus of Nazareth — who is a man like we are, who represents God to us not being a mere prophet, but shows us the eternal human face of God. In todays society the meaning of Christian faith becomes apparent particularly in the newest theology.”

A student of the Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy, S. N. Vasilkova, in her speech on the idea of truth in the Ancient Greek Philosophy and Christian tradition emphasized that, “truth is God as absolute entity that knows Himself and knows the world as His creation…. Experiencing the nature of creation which is logically arranged we acquire the freedom of thought that being purified by the Spirit is able to rise up to understanding of the mystery of thought that sees itself only logically – i.e. thought about God before creation of the world.”

In his speech Doctor of Biological Science, I. M. Savich — director of Concordia Foundation — presented ways of possible communication and logical influence in the process of the discourse on evolution and creation. With that he especially stressed that the informational essence of the living creatures clearly points to their creative source which greatly questions the main principle  of the evolution model about the accidental appearance of every living thing on the Earth. Thus, the truth acts as the absolute value in respect to Jesus Christ’s words, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” So the Truth is on the surface. Just to look at that.

Advent and Ballet Festivals – the meetings of the two subcultures

The annual Advent Music Festival took place on November 26, at the initiative of non-profit organization Prosvet and with the support of Concordia Foundation. It is already the eighth year that this Festival of Christian music and culture is being conducted in St. Petersburg. Every year about 600 people of various ages, both believers and those who are just attracted to it by music, come to this Festival for advertisements are being put up all over the city.

Sixteen Christian groups performed at the Festival this year. These groups represented all sorts of musical styles so each person was able to find something they really liked.

And Concordia Foundation’s staff took care of providing all those who came with some spiritual food. We had volunteers giving out invitations to Study the Bible. There was also a stand where people could by products issued by the Foundation: books and desk calendars with the Bible quotes for each month, T-shirts with a call on them to share faith with others, and music CDs When God’s is Near. Besides that every person who was interested in evolution theory points of issue got a brochure Splinters of the False Mirror that shows all inconsistencies that this theory has with the real picture of the earth’s origin.

It was interesting coincidence that took place during this day. Right behind the stand of Concordia Fund there was another big hall where Ballet Festival of youth from St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia took place.

There was opportunity for these young men and girl of quite another world of Art to have information about Christian activity and had possibility to take some materials from Concordia table. There was indeed the meeting of the two subcultures: the classic and modern and both of them were attracted many visitors.

The Advent Music Festival lasted from eleven o’clock in the morning till eleven o’clock at night, and all this while there were lots of people from both Festivals near the Foundation’s stand.

They came up to us and asked questions, showed interest in what was presented at the stand, they bought some things or got some gifts  to learn more (through the correspondence lessons) about that faith that they saw at the Advent Music Festival.

Konstantin Zhidulin’s concert in Warsaw Express

The first concert – presentation of a new Konstantin Zhigulin’s CDShepherd’s Songs was held with the support of Concordia Foundation.

The entertainment center Warsaw Express used to be a railway station. Today, only its unique architecture with iron columns and glass ceiling reminds us about that.

Nowadays this building contains various stores, restaurants, cinema theaters, a skating ring, a bowling and fitness center. Several thousands of people come to this place every day. And it is in this place that the first presentation of Konstantin’s group took place.

When you perform in places like that you need to take into account its specific features – people come here on some business of theirs: to buy something they need to watch a movie, to eat, etc. They can stop by and listen to a song or two and then go on to run their own errands. That’s why we tried not to lose out on neither one of them.

Between singing his songs Konstantin Zhigulin announced that all those who liked the music they heard can come up to Nikolai Erohin – a staff member of Concordia Foundation – and ask any questions that they have, and also leave their contact information in order to find out when the next concert is going to be so that they can come specifically for the concert.

The work on Konstantin’s new album Shepherd’s Songs  is almost completed, and as soon as the disk will be issued we’ll use the contacts that we collected during this concert. And also we will send out information to all those who showed interest and left their addresses inviting them to learn more Concordia Foundation and invite to study the Bible by Correspondence Courses.