Christian Soccer League

Christian Soccer League was found with the purpose of reaching those teenagers who like to play soccer. Almost every playground has a soccer field where teenagers come to kick the ball about. League’s goal is to gather these young people in to teams which will then participate in the League’s championships.

Besides soccer games some other activities will also be organized — the ones during which teenagers will have opportunity to learn about Christianity. Ukraine already has experience in such ministry: around one thousand teens got to hear about Christ in the first six month that the Christian Soccer League existed there.

The spring cup gathered ten teams from various St. Petersburg churches. Right now the Christian Soccer League works with the leaders of the church soccer teams encouraging them to invite teens who are not Christians yet to play in their teams.

This is the third match since the Christian Soccer League was established, and results can already be seen.

Almost each team has at least two players who are not Christians, and according to Mikhail Nosych, one of the League’s organizers, this is just the beginning.

From the very beginning of the League, Concordia Foundation supported the idea of using the teens interest in sports to share the Good News with them. The Foundation not only helped the League financially, it also plans to help by spreading information about Christian faith through lessons-discussions which are now being adjusted so that they could be put on the website.

The youth music festival

The first youth music festival of Lutheran Church of Ingria L.Festoccurred on March 8.

Music played at the festival varied in form. Fans of various styles were able to find something to enjoy: there were lyrical sentimental songs sung by Nataliya Shiryaeva from Kazan, jazz music played by Antonina Matviichuk, and Christian rock-musik played by the pop-group Olonets and the group  HEARTLINE.

Even though performers who participated in the festival were mostly unknown to the audience, it wasn’t a famous name, but the message that played the main role during the event. The aim of the festival was not to just gather some musicians, singers and music-fans from all over Russia and Finland under the roof of the main Lutheran cathedral.

The main goal was to once again proclaim the message of hope to this world.  Creative works dedicated to Jesus Christ became an expression of young performers’ faith which, according to the intention of the festival facilitators, should become a leading light for unchurched young people.

The Concordia Foundation has similar goals. During the festival people were exposed to the ministry of the Foundation which presented an opportunity to each parishioner to be an evangelist among their relatives and friends.

Representatives from each congregation participating in the festival got forms that people in their churches can use to invite their friends and relatives to study the basics of faith by correspondence — this  could become the first step toward church for people who know little about God and church.

People were really interested in the recently published brochures Is There Any Use in Going to Church, In Grief and in Gladness, and Unlocking the Prison of Guilt.