My search of God I began from Islam

My search of God I began from Islam, then I got interested in Buddhism and in Krishnaism. It was a long search.  I’ve always asked God to lead me through Jesus Christ to a true church where I could find myself by serving others.

So before I joined the Correspondence Bible Courses I wasn’t a Christian. I wasn’t denying the Lord, but I was searching for truth.

Before joining the Correspondence Bible Courses I visited various churches: Orthodox, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptists, but I think that there is one true Church — Lutheran Church which was founded by Martin Luther.

These lessons helped me to know the Christian faith better. Your Courses helped to move forward towards spiritual learning and development. Due to the Courses I cracked the door open into the Lutheran world; I want to come into this door and be accepted among the followers. The lessons I went through helped me to know God better. I learned how to pray using my own words and not memorized prayers; learned that God is seeking me and these Courses proved this to me.

While studying through the Correspondence Bible Courses I was able to solve some of my spiritual problems — got information about the right way of seeking God. The Bible Courses helped me to become firm in my Christian faith, they also helped me to start reading the Bible more often.

Most of all I enjoyed work on comparing Biblical topics; I learned where to find in the Bible answers to specific questions. I started regarding prayer before reading and studying the Bible more seriously.

I think that after going through these Courses a person can be ready to attend a church on a regular basis, but it all depends on how God directs the person.

I want to be a sincere Christian and your Courses are a great help amidst unbelief.

Edward Kostrov

A Concert of SUB*cultura

SUB*cultura — is a group of four young Christians who got together after a youth camp led by one of the churches in St. Petersburg. Figuring out that they were all musicians and had common faith in God, they decided to organize a group in order to praise the Creator with their creative works and attract young people to Him. Since they themselves are young, it is not hard for them to find way to the hearts of teenagers — each performance of the group attracts a capacity crowd.

On May 2nd, the SUB*cultura celebrated its fifth year of its existence. On that day musicians have gathered all of their fans together in the facility of the Departure Lounge club which is able to contain up to 2000 people. Most of them heard the Good News for the first time in their lives: Viktor Lavrinenko, the leader of the group, never snatches an opportunity to talk from the stage about the loving Father who is ready to accept every person without any conditions or condemnation.

The Concordia Foundation  taken part in this concert in order to support musicians in their ministry and to help those who is ready to  respond to the Good News.  During this concert the staff of Concordia Foundation passed out information about the Bible Correspondence Courses for all those who would like to begin their acquaintance with the Christian faith. Those who are already Christians it was able to take brochures published by the Foundation and designed to help people in various problems of the everyday life.