The Rehabilitation Center Betel

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The history of the non-profit organization Betel extends back for thirty years. It all started in a small apartment, where a person with drag- or alcohol-addiction could come to get some help, and grew into 120 branches in 25 countries. In these centers any person regardless of nationality and social status can find the helping hand of the One who’s able to change lives and to help finding the way out of the problems.

There are three branches of the rehabilitation center Betel in Leningrad region. They are located on the grounds of the former pioneer camps. Their facilities are in need of repair; many organizations in St. Petersburg support Betel by donating construction materials and food items — providing its material needs. Concordia Foundation decided to help Betel with the spiritual component of its life. The Concordia Foundation gathered several boxes of books, brochures and calendars published with the assistance of the Foundation.

All of these materials were passed on to the rehabilitation centers to replenish their libraries and to people undergoing the treatment in the centers so that they would be encouraged and built up. One of Concordia Foundation’s goals is to familiarize people with the fundamentals of the Christian faith. This goal is achieving through the our Bible Correspondence Courses. For this reason Betel centers, in addition to the books, also received brochures with some Bible lessons and questionnaires for those who’d like to get these lessons by mail.

ETS Seminar in Gubanitzy church

The seminar on Equipping the Saints was held in Lutheran Church Gubanitzy. Gubanitzy is a village that situates around 20 miles from St. Petersburg . This church was very popular in old Russia and has a big building. Until now many people from Finland are visiting this church and sometimes for baptization of their Children. The disposition of this church is very convenient for visitors as it stand right on the main road.

The seminar was organized under support of new pastor of this church Rev. Mikhail Savikin. He is very keen for increase of dimension of his parish.  The members of the church who stayed for the seminar were interested to hear about evangelical methods and motivation  for spreading Good News. Church members were keen in methods of reaching of secular people. There were also questions about hospitality and friendliness toward newcomers and how to meet new unexpected person in the church.

As usual staff of Concordia Foundation brought to this church our new publications that was included brochures about resolving of marriage life problems, “Why I should go to the Church” and “Broken the chains of guiltiness”. It was brought also flayers with invitation to BCC and brochures with material against Evolution theory.