The seminar on Equipping the Saints in Karelia

The seminar on Equipping the Saints was held in June in Lutheran Church of Petrozavodsk (Karelia Republic). The Lutheran parish in Petrozavodsk is now 43 years old. It is time that was passed since its last official registration.

In 1970 the religious group of Petrozavodsk was bought small wooden house where it was started Lutheran church service, Since 2009 the Lutheran church is located in a new handsome building in the center of the city that was built with help of Christians from USA, Finland and Russia. There are a lot of youth people in the church and pastor Rev Alexey Krongolm was very please when team form Concordia Foundation was arrived for ETS seminar.

There were many questions about spiritual perfection, problems in the modern church, about struggle against evolution theory and others. It was real felling that this auditorium used to think and practical decide various questions.

Each person as usual who was present on seminar receive as a gift from Concordia Foundation biblical desk calendar  At the end of seminar in informal friendly atmosphere  church members invited us to come again and talk more about evangelical and communication methods.

As usual staff of Concordia Foundation brought to this church our publications that was included brochures about resolving of marriage life problems, “Why I should go to the Church” and “Broken the chains of guiltiness”. It was brought also flayers with invitation to BCC and brochures with material against Evolution theory.

At the end of seminar it was made general picture in front of the church building and participants of seminar to swa us off until train station.

Concert of Constantin Zhigulin band

On June 22 at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Mary a concert of Constantin  Zhigulin band was held. The event took place thanks to the support of the “Concordia” fund.

There were held several similar concerts in various concert venues of the city. But as they were secular grounds and shopping centers, the musicians had no opportunity to speak openly about their faith and the Source of inspiration.

The concert in the building of the Lutheran church, which in addition to its ecclesiastical functions is still a cultural center, opened up an opportunity to tell about  Christ openly right from the stage.

A week before the event, the youth of the church, distributed 500 flyers with information about the date and time of the concert and their work helped to raise about 80 people

“Concordia” Fun organized a sale of CD “Cattle Songs” of the group “Constantine Zhigulin & Co.”,  which was released with the support of the Fund. Everyone who came was invited to learn about the basics of the Christian faith through the lessons which are sent by the Foundation free of charge.