Seminar in Primorsk

Primorsk – is a small port city with a population about 6,000 people. The Lutheran church is localized in a wooden house in the city center. However, before the October Revolution the Lutheran congregation had in a nice big building, which is located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. It was built in 1904. Now there is a local museum.

Pastor Sergei Gerasimov was enthusiastic and prepared everything for the seminar. He handed out literature brought by us to members of the church and assisted in the installation of equipment. Lutheran Church of St. Mary Magdalene is one of the few Lutheran Churches of Ingria, which keeps itself without outside financial support. Maybe that’s why half of the members of the church expressed a desire to become a church volunteer of the fund “Concordia”.

After the seminar during the tea break Ludmila Konstantinova – the oldest member of the church sang a song about Primorsk. She told how she came to God. It happened in an old Lutheran church in 1993, when there was hold an evangelical meeting, organized by the Pentecostal church. She said that that day she felt very bad, but when she accepted Christ the whole burden had gone from the soul. She felt calm and quiet. At this time, a legal registration of the Christian churches took place in Primorsk .

It was necessary to find 12 people for the registration of the church and she decided to submit her vote in the Lutheran community. And still she is a member of this church. She retired long ago, but she is very cheerful, she lives in a not completely unfinished house, but is determined to serve God.

New web site

We continue to work over our new web site Videо is one of the most popular sources of information for young people nowadays  and through these lessons we can engage them to studying  foundations of the Christian faith .  In June the site laid out on hosting and we are going to fill it with the necessary materials. This month they will shoot video for the site that tells about the video lessons which will appear soon.

Rev Alexander Shmidt from Ingria Church and his wife Olga very well adapted the lessons for easy perception on our site. All ten lessons are ready. In parallel the work is going on creating a script for the video lessons and it is necessary to control the process of recycling the texts into the shooting script for the video, and not to lose the sense of this message while its simplification.

It is prepared special video clip for advertisement of our new site. And it is possible to see it on our official web site

The working meeting took palce in Concordia office with a team who are participating in creation video BCC site. On the attached picture you will see Denis producer, Margaritta journalist and Rev Alexander Schmidt who will play the role of expert.

Booklets to Novosibirsk prisons

“Concordia Fund” sent booklets to Novosibirsk prisons. Vyacheslav Ostanin continues to work in the colonies and prisons of Siberia, in the colony for tuberculosis patients, HIV-infected and TB patients.

Every Saturday they visit juvenile penitentiary. They have lessons on various Christian themes about Christ, faith, church. The prisoners come to the library to pray together and to communicate on Christian themes. Especially for them Christian literature, Bibles, catechisms, newspapers and other periodical literature are delivered.

Vyacheslav Ostanin preaches about Christ on the troops in the colony. This month’s there was held the meeting of the commission; they discuss the conditional release, transfer to lighter or severe conditions for prisoners, the change of regime maintenance, transfer to a colony of settlement, etc.

Vyacheslav Ostanin continues to work in children’s tuberculosis sanatorium for tuberculosis of all forms of number 1. We continue to collect stuff, clothing and footwear, both among the congregation and citizens for the children. Currently there are about 60 children from 1.5 years to 7 years. Once a month there are held birthday celebrations, humanitarian footwear and clothes, books, toys, stuff, shoes, etc are delivered. The same work is held in the Regional TB Hospital, where live more than 120 children (along with the youngest babies with HIV and tuberculosis, who live there with their mothers) from 9 months to 3 years and older and children from 7 to 17 years.

These lessons helped me to know God

I wasn’t a Christian prior to going through the Bible Correspondence Courses for I had no idea what it means to be one. I did go to church once or twice when I was a child but I don’t remember a thing. I never even opened the Bible before going through the Course and had no idea where to start reading it. So it was very interesting to get to go through the pages of this book.

The lessons helped me to know the Christian faith in a more complete way. I realized that I can live and be happy even having little, that I do not need mountains made of gold for this — everything I need is near.

These lessons also helped me to know God better. I’ve come to realize what He did for us; my whole understanding about life changed — I am now proud of what the Lord did and am ready to follow Him.

Aleksey Batyaikin in the Center

I’ve committed a serious crime and am now in a correctional custody facility. One day, while thinking of what I did, I felt so bad that I wanted to kill myself, and that’s when I came to God.

I think that after going through the Bible Correspondence Courses a person can be quite ready to regularly attend a Christian assembly.

Aleksei Batyaikin