Teen camp “I am”

Deari Igor & all stuff of Foundation  “Concordia”!

With all my heart I would like to thank you for the help that you offered in conducting our teen’s camp!

Thanks to your donations, we were able to spend an unforgettable time filled with games, spiritual thoughts, communicating with each other and with our Lord!

God bless you and your fund!

With prayers for you,

Vladimir Vinogradov ,Coordinator of Children and Youth

How I Spent This Summer

From 12 to 19 August 2012 as a leader I took part in a Christian teen camp “I am.” The camp was organized by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. There were 20 in the age from 11 to 16 years. The work of the camp was provided by a team of seven leaders under the coordinator of children’s and youth work coordinator of Vladimir Vinogradov.

The aim of this camp was to get acquainted more with the biblical text, which promotes spiritual growth of students, as well as communication of the younger generation of Lutheran communities.

The name “I AM” means work with the text of the Gospel of John with the famous sayings of Jesus Christ, where He talks about His essence, using a variety of images (John 6.35, 10.11, 14.6, 10.9, 15.1 , 11.25, 8.12). They work on the text every day in groups, which were divided by age.

In my group participated 6 children. After reading a passage from the Gospel, we discussed it with the personal life examples, as well as staging the stories from the Gospel. It was important to convey to young people who is Jesus for us and to show His example for us. And also to highlight His role in our relationship with God.

During the discussion, children often told about the experience of handling the same passages during the past years camps, comparing with the current. The participants were sufficiently open during the conversation. Particularly they liked personal examples and were willing to share their own.

The program included entertainment: handiwork,sports, dance club. At the end of each day an evening meeting was held, at the end of which they sang Christian songs. Singing aroused special interest among the participants.

In my private practice this was be the first successful experience of holding the Christian camp. Pupils are distinguished by good discipline, great interest, active participation in the events, openness.

Camp leaders were very active, they supported each other in organizing events. All staff was highly qualified, stress resistant and at the same time they had a good sense of humor.

Oleg Tsaytler, a graduate of the Theological Seminary of ELC

Program “Stop”

In the office of the Fund Concordia was a meeting with Igor Baranchikov, manager of the program “Stop”.

The program “Stop” was created in 1996. It was held in rehabilitation centers for drug addicts, boarding schools for disabled children, the detention center for juvenile offenders, social centers for street children, urban actions against drugs and to prevent drug abuse in schools and specialized schools. Igor Baranchikov performed to servicemen in Chechnya and Dagestan, and since 2001 under the aegis of “The Board of Trustees UIS” he conducts his program in correctional facilities of Russia.

During this time the program was shown in more than 500 prisons and detention centers to 48 thousand people from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin. The program “Stop” is awarded by the letter of thanks of the director of FSIN Kalinin Y.I. “for active spiritual and educational work in the penitentiary system,” was awarded the Medal of Honor.

The program “Stop” pursues spiritual and moral purposes, and in this it is similar with the goals of Fund Concordia. At the meeting it was decided to support Igor Baranchikov in carrying the program “Stop” in the colonies of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. During the performance the information about the work of the Fund and the possibility to enroll in correspondence courses about basis of Christian faith will be presented to the prisoners. Therefore even after the end of the concert, in the colonies the work on studying the Bible will be continued.

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The Voice in the Wilderness

On 21 of August in the office of the Fund Concordia there was a meeting with Alexander Chernovolov and Sergey Lednev, the musicians of the group “Glas Vopiuchego” (The voice of one crying in the wilderness).

In the middle of 90’s the musicians personally faced with the problem of drug addiction and decided to confront its dissemination as it was possible. So in 1997 they founded the group “Glas Vopiuchego”  the main aim of which was the organizing preventive anti-drug programs, concerts and shows.

In 1998 the group creates a scenario of the anti-drug program “Ticket for the journey from captivity”. The program is conducted in the form of a rock concert, alternating with the display of shocking documentary about the life and death of addicts which was shot by Alexei Chernovolov in drug stashes and basements of St. Petersburg. These shots were repeatedly broadcasted on all leading TV channels of Russia.

In the period from 1997 to nowadays the group released 4 albums, shoot 9 music videos and conducted more than 350 anti-drug concerts in different cities of Russia, Finland, Ukraine and the USA.

In 2012 the group completed the work on the album “For those who hear.” The new album will feature 11 songs, the main aims of which are to turn the hearts of men to God, to prevent the killing of children by abortion and drugs, to awaken common sense and to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

The album was not intended for a commercial purpose, most of disks are intended for distribution in prisons and rehabilitation centers, where the group will perform with concerts, so it’s hard to find the finances for its replication.

Part of the amount was collected by musicians, declaring the collection of donations for its release on their website. Knowing the importance of the work, which is done by the musicians of “Glas Vopiuchego” Concordia Foundation offered its support to the release of the new album, added the missing amount. There will be put an information list about correspondence courses of basics of the Christian faith held by the Fund by mail. Therefore everyone who will get the disk and interested in studying the Bible, will be able to write or call to the Concordia Foundation and enroll in courses.