Children’s Day Center

On the 19th of October  the  director of the Concordia Foundation Igor Savich met with the coordinators of Children’s Day Center in Otradnoe, Leningrad region, Yusupova Olga and Anatoly Dmitriev.

The day center in Otradnoe exists four and a half years. Children from the dysfunctional families from 9 to 16 years old with parental permission can eat after school and work out in the sections of English, singing, cooking, computer lab and get help with homework.

For older children in the center earned club for teens this year. At a time when their parents are satisfied with their lives or are busy at work, the children are left to themselves, no one to see to how they teach no one to feed them. Day center tries to help such children, that the lack of attention from parents will not prevent them to get a good education and stay healthy. In addition to the physical needs the workers of the centre do not forget about the spiritual needs and they organize regular Bible studies.

Realizing the importance of this work, the Foundation Concordia decided to give monthly financial assistance to the day center for children in Otradnoe to support their livelihoods.In the end of the meeting Igor gave gifts for all children who attend this day centre – recently published books of a St. Petersburg writer Elena Sokolova “City of Joy”.

Testimony of Vladimir

I considered myself to be a Christian, but I had no knowledge about what Christianity truly is till I started studying the Bible through the Correspondence Bible Course.

Your bible lessons helped me to know more about the Christian belief. I started thinking about faith more and found true answers to my questions in these lessons. They helped me to know more about God. Now I know who He is and where He came from.

Before I started studying the Bible through this Correspondence Bible Course, I attended traditional Orthodox Church.

While going through the Correspondence Bible Course I was able to become stronger in my faith. I studied and I also prayed for God to show me the right way — the true church.

In these lessons I most of all liked the ability of choosing the answer to the questions asked after each lesson. These lessons helped me to acquire knowledge.

After going through these lessons a person, if he desires to continue his study of the Bible, can be ready to regularly attend a church.

I started thinking about believing in God a long time ago but I needed help. And I thank you for providing it! I would like to continue my studies the same way — through a correspondence program.

Vladimir Barannik


Reasonable Basis

In the office of the fund “Concordia” was held a meeting with the master of theology and professor of the Institute of Theory and History of Pedagogy of the Russian Academy of Education and the spiritual and educational center ” Searching for faith” of State  Minnesota (U.S.) Oleg Voskresenskiy.

Oleg is a co-author of a new textbook for high school Foundations of Orthodox Culture. This course is approved by the Department of Higher and Secondary Education of the Russian Federation and will be taught in 4 classes in high school. He is currently attending a variety of educational institutions in Russia, where he lectured on this new course. Simultaneously, at the request of the audience he teaches «Reasonable basis of Christian faith».

Oleg said that proceedings of the seminar “Reasonable basis of the Christian faith» are based on scientific experience and spiritual journey of scientists who have come to faith in God and established in it, exploring the scientific facts and historical evidences about Jesus Christ.

The aim of the seminar is to introduce students with the currently existing scientific, historical, archaeological facts, which suggest a reasonable basis of the Christian faith, not neglecting intellect and logic, as is often imputed to it. Reading experience in a variety of – age, education, ethnic, cultural, etc. – workshops of Russia and Ukraine suggests that it is equally useful, entertaining and acceptable to the people who belong to very different traditions, cultures and generations.

It is clear in this case that the work on spiritual and moral formation of the individual should not be limited only by this material and method, however the precedent of such an approach is intended to create a series or cycle of materials and programs to address this important task.

Oleg is ready to work together with the Foundation Concordia in recording his lectures and broadcasting them.

The feast of the Archangel Michael

The feast of the Archangel Michael started at St. Michael’s Church in St. Petersburg on September 29. This was not only a celebration of St. Michael day, but also all angels. There were many guests. Some of them came to the temple for the first time and had the opportunity to join the spiritual culture and to hear about Christian values.

The priest Sergei Tatarenko made a short introduction. Then there were sang several hymns. The church organist Sergei Varshavsky played the organ. This day was remarkable for the fact that it was the first time the organ given to St. Michael’s Church by one of the Christian congregations of Helsinki sounded at full force.

This organ stayed for a long time without using in Helsinki. It was taken with great difficulty to St. Petersburg, collected and restored. As Sergei Tatarenko said only thanks to the skills of Russian repairers this organ sounded in full force again. During all evening the sound of the organ powerfully woven into the singing of the choir in their worshiping of God.

The day was sunny, which is rare in St. Petersburg at this time of year. The rays of the setting sun illuminated the majestic Cathedral of St. Michael, which looked very solemn, as if it had participated in this festival and liked the sounds of newly revived organ.

At the Sunday service the celebration continued. During the sermon Sergei Tatarenko said about angels and their significance for the believers. At the end of the service the ministers of the church received desk Biblical calendars as a gift from Concordia Foundation.

Conversation about the Christian faith

In August 2012 the studio “Reply” began to work on visualization of the course the “Dialogues of the Christian faith”, which are held under the support of the “Concordia”. With the help of young hosts and an expert – pastor of Lutheran Church Theodore Tulynin who were talking to the audience, this course really became conversation.

Shooting was conducted in the open air on the background of sights of St. Petersburg, magnificent Christian churches, walking citizens. This makes them more alive than shooting in the studio.

Passing cars, the life of big city, make the movies more dynamic and biblical texts acquire a contemporary sound. We hope that teenagers and young people, who will watch these videos, will see that it is their present. They will understand that Christianity is not a relic of the past and that many young people believe in God and read the Bible.

The site, where you can watch these videos is ready to work and soon it will be available to watch the first two filmed lesson. And then in the Internet there will be an attractive source of knowledge about Christianity for young people.