City of Joy

Our good friend christian writer Elena Sokolova visited the office of Concordia Foundation recently.

She did not come empty-handed, but brought a gift her just published book of short stories for children “City of Joy”. In her new book, Elena Sokolova writes:

Why it is not good to be greedy and rude, grumpy and lazy? How to deal with hurt and betrayal and to learn to make friends? On these and many other vital issues Elena Sokolova tries to give an answer without bothering too much edifying and at the same time based on solid Christian morals.

A great experience gained in working with children helps her to cope with this difficult task. The author knows how to approach a child’s heart, what language to speak with them better.

Elena Sokolova presented 60 copies of the new book to us. It will be a great help in our children’s charity projects.

Meeting with the editor of the youth magazine

In the office of Fund Concordia was held a meeting with the editor of the youth magazine “Choice” Maria Savikina.

The magazine “Choice” is relatively young publication of Lutheran Church of Ingria. The magazine is published four times a year for the past three years. The themes of the issues are the most pressing questions that arise before the youth: self-esteem, relationships and life in the future. Recently in the journal had been formed a media group which is filming short movies, with the search for answers to these questions interesting for the youth today.

During the meeting we discussed the possibility of cooperation of the Foundation and the magazine. In particular for interactive project “Conversations about the Christian faith” is required to voice some of the biblical texts and the participants of media group agreed to help with this by writing the audio material. Concordia Foundation offered help in distribution of the magazine, and spreading information about it. In the magazine for the past several editions is printed information on distance learning the basics of the Christian faith offered by the Fund Concordia. That’s why spreading the magazine, we will extend the work of the fund on the basis of data provided by the magazine “Choice”.

Site gtgold

We continue the work on the launch of a new website, which should become an entirely new form of studying the course “Conversations about the Christian faith”, held in support of the “Concordia” Foundation.

The appearance of the site will facilitate everyone the access to the courses, to increase coverage and to attract the younger generation, most of the time conducting online.

Online learning will be presented in the form of short video clips that leading with the support of the expert will talk about the fundamental aspects of Christian doctrine. At the moment the studio “Otvet” already filmed most of the visible material and is working on the installation of the first lessons that will soon appear on the site.

The firm “Cassiopeia” which dealt with designing website will also start preparing to move to search the Internet networks in November. There were chosen seven phrases throw which each person interested in the information about the Bible and Christianity can get to our website.

Thanks to the promotion services of the company “Cassiopeia” site will be in the top ten sites of this topic. And thanks to a simple interface and one-sidedness of the site, we expect a large number of people willing to learn about Christianity quickly and available.