Letter from children’s and teen center

Seven children and nine teenagers come to the children’s and teen center “Parus”. Children gather on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, teens 2 times a month on Sundays.???????????????????????????????

In October reappeared Victor Belyakov – 10 years old, he visited the center before, but later moved to the city, and now he started to come from St. Petersburg.

Except meetings during the week, we went on a tour to the Catherine Palace in Pushkin and played football with teenagers from Pavlovsk town.

Besides, the children attend Sunday school, try not to smoke and correctly communicate with each other.

We are thankful to God that He gives us the opportunity to work together mentoring children.


but we are trying to send their concerns to God. In November, there were organized trips to Pushkin on two excursions and to Pavlovsk on teen ministry.Children up to 14 years come every Wednesday and Sunday. Most of them are interested in food and games,

Please pray for mentors of our center. We are left two of seven children and nine teenagers.

CC Parus

Thank you for your prayers and support.

From St. PetersburgL

Philosopy Days in St. Petersburg

SAs part of an annual philosophical forum “Days of St. Petersburg Philosophy”, which usually attracts hundreds of philosophers from all over the former Soviet Union in the St. Petersburg State University was held a seminar “The problem of truth and pluralism in today’s educational environment.”

In the report “Truth as a socio-cultural value” Gennadiy Vyzhletsov Ph.D., professor of ontology and epistemology of the Faculty of Philosophy of SPbGU quoted from the Bible the passage, when Pilate asked Christ what is the truth. Interestingly, the professor said quite clearly, that Pilate had no idea that the very living truth stood before Shim in the person of Jesus Christ.

A polemical report “Religious pluralism and true belief in the Apocalypse” was made by a member – correspondent of Academy of the preservation of life (Moscow) Yuriy Lutsenko. Despite some unacceptable interpretations of religious dogmas, he nevertheless positively quoted the words of Christ that He is the way, the truth and the life.

Director of the “Concordia Foundation” Igor Savich made a presentation on “Evolutionism and Creationism: dualism in education or search for the truth?”. In his report, he showed that using the basic training principles in his report (the role of information in the nature, the origin of the universe and the solar system, unique flora and fauna of the earth and man as a unique creature) that fit well into the program of natural history, it is possible to give the foundations for an objective understanding of the world for secondary school pupils, starting from the 5th grade. The above principles will create a solid foundation of knowledge about the uniqueness of life on Earth, which will contribute to proper moral values in students.

SThe report provoked a lot of questions and in the end the debate about the legitimacy of evolutionary principles and not only in biology. Good additional material for this subject was the materials of foundation Concordia, which I. Savich brought to the conference. Everyone could take a brochure about evolution and creationism, and the Conference Proceedings on creationism. There were distributed flyers of the Fund “Concordia”, inviting to the correspondence Bible courses.

At the end of the seminar PhD Olga Masloboeva said the words of Jesus Christ about the problem of the truth «Know the truth and the truth shall make you free».

For Those Who Hear

Alexey Chernovolov brought CD to KonkordiaSOur Project for supporting of production of new CD by music group Voice in the Desert isfulfilled successfully.

Recently the leader of this popular Christian music group Alexey Chernovolov visited Concordia Foundation office and brought as gift seventy copies of this CD. The name of this CD is “For Those Who Hear”. It is paraphrase of the words of Jesus who keep saying in Gospel “For those who have ears let them hear”.

The CD include eleven songs and all of them in some way appeal to the hearts of listeners and trying stimulate to decide their problems through wisdom of the Bible.

On the cover of CD it is written “We will be very glad if our songs bring for you consolation, encouraging, joy, healing and confidence for the future”. The purpose of production of this CD is to distribute it among prisoners who indeed need consolation and encouraging when accepting the Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.