Workshop in Luga

Concordia Foundation held a workshop Outfit of saints in Lutheran parish in Luga. A small community of the church of St. Mary Magdalene holds its service in the parish house on the Rimsky-Korsakov street.

The house is heated by coal and Luga_1S wood, and in winter it can be difficult to get there because the roads are swept out, and often on Sundays before the service the pastor Sergey Orlov himself cleans the road to the parishioners were able to get to the church service.

The seminar was attended by 10 people. To all of them at the workshop was distributed supporting material, including a brochure, “Shards of distorting mirror” dedicated to refute the main arguments of the supporters of the theory of evolution, as well as the pamphlet “Should I go to church”, “Breaking the chains of guilt,” and “And in sorrow and in joy” . As well as completely new brochure “You have doubts –  Read the book! ” which tells of the Bible as a manual for life and salvation.

Luga_2SChurch members were very interested in the evangelistic ministry,  seven people signed up to volunteer Concordia Foundation and immediately sorted out all the brochures and application forms for admission to the correspondence school basics of the Christian faith in order to distribute them to their neighbors, in the nearby hostel, and to their relatives who are interested in Christianity, but still can not decide to go to church. Therefore, in the near future we can expect a large number

Recording of Elena Sokolova’s stories

Radio Petersburg recently made a recording of Elena Sokolova’s twelve stories. Six of them were taken from her book, Golden Heart: A Stork, I Will Learn, Father Frost, A Bridge, Feodor and the Hares, and The Flower Gardener.


The other six are from her book, Footprints in the Tracks of Time: A Cruel King, A Ray, An Anthill, Mice, and The Ocean and the Seed. The stories were voiced by famous artists, Yuri Ryadkevich and Regina Lyaleikite.

Tales and parables by Elena Sokolova would fascinate both children and adults, and even the senior citizens. Each generation will find something relevant for it in these stories in which the author blends practical wisdom and Biblical admonition. She presents Divine truth, which are so needed in todays age of hustle and technocracy, in a very intelligible, brief and often allegorical form.

As a characters of one of Elena’s books said, “The Bible is certainly a very old book, and from those ancient times it preserves everything that’s important for people to know and what will remain the most important and valuable for them throughout ages. That is why the Bible is the most progressive book.”

Meeting in Pedagogical Center

Igor Savich visited Pedagogical Research Center named by Kamensky which works on the basis of the school Peterschule in St. Petersburg.In PetershulуL

The main task of the Pedagogical Research Centre (PRС) named by J.A. Comeniskiy –  creation and development of curricula and textbooks about spiritual and moral culture, the history of world religions and other training materials of religious and humanitarian education based on the principles of  humane tolerance, help in the practical implementation of these programs, as well as organizing various events, meetings, seminars and conferences, organizing courses that promote the resolution of those problems.

The meeting was attended by the rector of the center Eleanora Mushnikova and prorector Svetlana Marchukova. During the conversation it became clear that with the help of the pedagogical center in the school implemented several training modules as part of the spiritual and moral culture.

It was also noted the need of Bible lessons, which are usually made by invited St. Petersburg teachers. I. Savic has been often invited to conduct lessons on creationism. Rector Mushnikova was confident that this school year there will be held a number of school Bible lessons.