Сhildren’s center

We thank God and all of you for ministering children at the children’s center Parus (Sail) in the city of Otradnoye.

We thank you so much for supporting us not only financially but most of all morally.Children at risk_S

It is not easy to minister to children especially if they are from the troubled families. Right now there are eight children that our center works with. During this past winter we had time to both read the Gospels and to have some fun outdoors playing in the snow.

Two of the girls – Angelina, 12 years old, and Snezhana, 13 years old, – decided to quit smoking. Please back them up with your prayers.

We plane to take children to an aqua-park. The church is helping to pay our transportation expanses. This will definitely be a real celebration for kids!


Isypova Olga

ETS seminar

An ETS seminar for the members of the church took place at the Lutheran church in the village of Ukka, Vsevolozhsk ???????????????????????????????district of St. Petersburg. Members of the church along with the pastor Ivan Khuttor were present at the seminar. Participants showed great interest in the simplicity of the evangelistic method of five-fingers.

Afterwards pastor Khuttor asked Igor Savich who was directing the seminar to repeat the ???????????????????????????????explanation of this method one more time so that each person could commit it to memory.

During the seminar Igor Savich emphasized the Foundation’s new website gtgold.ru where people can now find on-line Bible lessons. He encouraged the seminar participants to share this UKKI_3information with their friends and relatives.

As always, Concordia Foundation’s staff brought brochures and calendars for the church. They also gave out magnets with the information about the new website on them.


Pastor’s conference

A pastor’s conference of the Church of Ingria took place in February. The director of Concordia Foundation, Igor Savich, participated in it as a representative of the Foundation.???????????????????????????????

The first part of the conference, which took place in the building of the Lutheran Church in Koltushi, consisted of a speech done by the provost of the Theological Institute—Alexander Polutskii — on the Unity of the church. After the speech pastors got into groups do discuss this subject.

The second part of the conference was dedicated to the topic of working with muslims. After the discussion, this topic was acknowledged relevant for the churches of Ingria also.

During the final part of the conference congratulations were extended to the bishop of the Ingria Church, Aarre Kuukauppi, who just turned sixty. Igor Savich spoke on behalf of the Foundation congratulating the bishop with his anniversary. In his brief salutation Igor

Savich expressed genuine gratitude to the bishop for his long-standing ministry to the glory of God and for the chance to work together in God’s vineyard. “May the Lord continue to bless you with ability to serve Him in the Spirit and in truth instructing His children in this church family that He entrusted you with,” said Igor Savich at the end and presented the bishop with a gift from the Concordia Foundation.