Program “Stand Still”

Igor Baranchikov—a member of the Board of Trustees of the Penal Enforcement System, a composer and a singer—had several performances in the correctional facilities of the Volgograd Region.

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Igor started his tour by presenting his songs at the medical correctional facility and the correctional camp. During this road tour that lasted from April 9 through April 15, Igor Baranchikov also visited other places in Volgograd, Bolzhskoye, Kamyshin and Leninsk.

His program called Ostanovis (“Stand Still”) is one of the striking projects implemented for the present day young people. In his songs Igor brings up contemporary problems of former drug-addicts rehabilitation, of staying away from drugs, an issue of abortion and many others.

For more than eighteen years already Igor promotes a healthy lifestyle by performing at various venues, meeting with young people and visiting correctional facilities and other organizations.

During fifteen years of his mission work with the Penal Enforcement System Igor Baranchikov visited more than 700 prison camps throughout Russia and former Soviet Union. Everywhere he went his program had steady success.

Right before his performance at the medical correctional facility Igor said a few words about his project:

“We have only one goal that we strive to achieve—for a person to change his life for the better; for him to not loose heart under the pressure of his current circumstances, but to break through them and get his life back on track.

The main emphasis of our songs is on the spiritual side of every person. Russia has always been strong first of all in its spirituality. To renew and to strengthen this spirituality is our first and foremost goal. We strive to keep a person from falling and guide him on to the right way.

A charity concert

A charity concert of Dennis Kondratiev took place in the Coliseum-Arena concert hall.kondrat_6

Dennis Kondratiev’s creative work is a combination of touching poems written in the style of Esenin and lyrical hip-hop with rough jam poetry and stories pulled out of the real life.

In spite of his relatively brief experience, Dennis has already participated in several events held against drugs, spoke on the  Zenit radio-station, and his song Khalyava (“A Free ride”) was included in Ranny Harlin’s movie The Dyatlov Pass Incident as one of the sound tracks.

kondrat_4On April 5, Dennis gathered his friends-musicians and actors on the stage of the concert hall in order to present his new album and encourage the audience to be benevolent.

Together with a charity foundation Vivid Life, Dennis decided to support children who have serious illnesses and orphans. Thus all of the funds gathered from the ticket sales will be given away to such children.

The concert hall Coliseum-Arena is conveniently located in the center of the city. It can hold upkondrat_1 to 600 people. Even though the hall was not filled up completely those who came had no regrets afterwards, but had some memories to take with them as well as some food for reflection.

kondrat_7The Concordia Foundation supported this event. It also gave out brochures about church, about the Bible, creationism, faith and family to all those who came to observe the concert. Also, each person who came up to the Foundation’s table had a chance to sign up for the correspondence or on-line (through the website) course on the basics of Christian faith.

Apocalypses Movies

apocalip_2Dr. Igor Savich – the Director of the Concordia Foundation – participated in recording of several programs that ProFilm section of the TBN TV-channel made in advance of showing of the three films. Plot of all of those movies is based on the book of Revelation.

Apocalypses: Revelation

This film is set in 90 AD. Emperor Domitian has declared himself to be God, and Christians, since they do not recognize his divinity, face persecution from the Emperor. Aging Apostle John has been imprisoned on Patmos where he writes out messages of the divine visions that he receives regarding the last days.

Apocalypses III: Tribulation

A police detective Tom Canboro who by some miracle survives in a car accident finds himself in a world that has gone through a very frightening transformation. All people live in a single country under the rule of Franco Macalousso who claims to be the Messiah and the Savior of the world. A lot of people vanished without leaving a trace, and those who remained can not remember who they once were. Everybody wears a 666 mark on their right hand, and those that refuse to take the mark are killed by Macalousso.


Megiddo: The Omega Code 2


This movie portrays Anti-Christ in the form of a large businessman Stone Alexander. The movie shows his life from the
early childhood when, at the age of six, he loses his mother, begins to hate his half-brother and tries to kill him. It is at this time that the devil takes up residence in Stone’s soul and chooses Stone as his vicar on earth. Devil even sends one of his closest demons-companions to help Stone.

Igor Mikhailovich made some comments on the plot of these movies and explained the Christian view of the-end-of-the-world subject that stirs a lot of souls lately. All three of the films took the Bible story as the basis of their plot, though they interpreted it in all sorts of ways. The Bible doesn’t give us a detailed description of the event itself, but it clearly states that no one can know the exact time and date of it—therefore, all prophecies and predictions that are so popular today are nothing more than deceptions aimed to confuse ungrounded people.

Namely in order to dispel these lie and myths the Concordia Foundation and TBN TV-channel decided to get this program underway.

At the end of his comments Igor Mikhailovich said that we should rather put our trust in the words of Jesus Christ, namely, “Watch and pray,” that we find recorded in the Bible.

Elena Sokolova lesson

Sokol_26Due to the help of the Concordia Foundation a demonstration Sunday school lesson was held for children in the Lutheran church of St. Mary. A well known author Elena Sokolova agreed to teach a class using methods that she developed for her lessons. The methods that she was using for her lessons are based on the interactive communication with children through asking simple questions of them.

For example, one of the questions was, “Who knows everything about you and me?” And of course children had all kinds of answers to this question, and they were given the right answer which was: It is the One who created us, the One who also created all things that surround people, i.e. the earth, the heavens, the universe; He is the Lord God, and we, people, need to remember that we are just a creation and He is the Creator. We need to turn to God for help in living our lives the right way, in organizing our time wisely. Such appeal to God is called prayer, and it’s a great habit to start each day with a prayer.Sokol_1

Another question that was asked was, “What do you think was the reason for the Lord God to create men?” All of the children’s answers were taken into considerations and then they were given the correct answer: God created man to enjoy him, to enjoy the fellowship; in order for the fellowship to be fully valid and meaningful conversation partners should match one another—that’s why the Lord created man in His image and poured His part into the man which is His Spirit.

At the end children, with the help of their parents, made a craft—an origami boat. A red flag was then glued on to the boat; each flag had words peace, joy, friendship, etc. written on it. All of the boats were then sailed on to the “sea”—a blue sheet of paper. Each person enjoyed the lesson greatly: children had a lot of fun, and adults saw that even during a short lesson their kids were able to learn something valuable.