Testimony of Viktor

pr4I was a Christian before I began studying the Bible through the Correspondence Bible Courses.    I became a Christian when I was 45. Since I didn’t believe in anything or anyone except myself and the golden calf, my path to faith was hard and frightful.

In order to come to God I had to get the life imprisonment, get sick with TB and become completely blind. Only that helped me to empty myself, my heart and soul from all of the dirt. Only then, being sick with TB, being deaf and completely blind I saw the narrow path to God.

The Correspondence Courses lessons helped me to learn more about my faith in Christ—all that’s connected with the Christian faith was still new to me.

Prior to studying through the Courses I did not attend any church. Only here, in 2005, I began to desire to learn about Most High God and felt a longing to believe in Him.

A presbyter of the prison ministry, Viktor Davyidovich Tekhrib, comes to our prison. He is the one who baptized me on September 7, 2010. It is his sermons and admonitions that I mostly listen to.

The Correspondence Bible Courses and the Bible itself helped me to become established in the Christian faith. I find a lot of answers to my unspoken questions, but there are also a lot of things that I do not yet understand and that raises more questions.

I am not a terrorist, not a maniac, not a rapist, but I am a criminal who in a drunk quarrel and fight took lives of others like me. When I ended up in the prison some people forgot about me, others didn’t need me for I couldn’t be of any use for them anymore. So only faith in God kept me alive: it gave me comfort, and your Courses motivated me to live and come to understanding what life really is.

May God bless you for all you do!

Viktor Davyidov

Christian Soccer League

A meeting with the head of the Christian Soccer League, Mikhail Nosach, took place in the office of Concordia Foundations on.

footb_3SThe main goal of the Soccer League is not just to engage people in their favorite sport but also to attract new people to church. Presently, there are 14 teams in the Soccer League which create a very full schedule. No less than 50% of the players in each team are young people who do not know God yet. And it is with them that the Christian Soccer League leaders study the Bible.

The aims that the league’s leadership is pursuing are to develop both the sporting and the spiritual component of the program – and that was the main topic of the discussion between Director of Concordia Foundation Igor Savich and head of the league Mikhail Nosach.footb

During the meeting a decision was made that the Foundation will help to organize lessons with the players who are not Christians using its Basics of the Christian Faith course. Also, the Foundation is willing to take one of the teams (the one that represents a rehabilitation center) under its patronage.

footb_2SLast year the Foundation made some T-shirts with a slogan “Share His Story.” Since the players from the rehabilitation center can’t afford buying uniforms for themselves, they can use these T-shirts as their uniform. The Foundation is also going to be introduced as the league’s sponsor at all of the games of the league, and there will be a banner hung on the side of the field advertising on-line Bible courses through the gtgold.ru website. This way Concordia Foundation will help the Soccer League by giving a boost to those teams that can’t support themselves financially and by strengthening spiritual edification of the players who are not Christians yet.

Booklets published by the Foundation were given to Mikhail Nosach at the end of the meeting. Mikhail highly footb_1Sappreciated the content and the style of these materials, as also their relevance. He promised to distribute the booklets among the team leaders and recommend the leaders to use them in their work with non-Christian team members.

Meeting with Director of the Radio Mariya

A meeting with the Associate Director of the Radio Mariya in St. Petersburg, Bondarenko Pavel Viktorovych, took place in the Concordia Foundation’s office.

Radio Mariya transmits in St. Petersburg on AM 1053, and also in Vyborg on 92.6 FM. Presently, Radio Mariya is the radioMonly Christian radio-station that transmits on FM wave range. There are multiple opportunities to listen to Radio Mariya  on-line for the Internet users all over the world; not too long ago it became possible to also tune into the radio-station using iPhones.

Radio Mariya is an educational Christian non-profit radio-station that exists only due to the free-will contributions of its audience. During our meeting, Pavel Viktorovych talked about financial difficulties that the radio-station is facing, and about their approaches to solve these difficulties.  He particularly mentioned the establishment of the Board of Trustees from among the investors of the radio-station.

In spite of these financial difficulties, the radio-station continues to go forward; it now offers a great platform for broadcasting programs prepared by the Concordia Foundation. The Foundation is currently planning to record a new radio-program and Radio Mariya is willing to broadcast it. The aim of this new program is to give answers to questions that people have about Christianity, and also to draw people’s attention to the new project that the Foundation has on its website: the on-line course on the Basics of Christian Faith.