Your lessons helped me

Even though I used to think that I have some understanding I was not a Christian prior to studying the Bible through the Correspondence Bible Courses. Your lessons helped me to know God in a better way. I began to appreciate the Creator

Ozeryansky in prison

God as my Heavenly Father. I turned to God after realizing that my existence in this world is not a coincidence.

Your lessons helped me to know more about the Christian faith. I used to see the Bible as a fiction literature, but through your lessons I began seeing things in a more spiritual manner.

I did have some spiritual problems which were solved while I was studying the Bible through the Correspondence Bible Courses. I couldn’t make my mind up in searching for the correct belief, but now I became a believer.

The Correspondence Bible Courses helped me to become rooted in the Christian faith. The more I come to know God as the Way, the Truth and the Life, the fewer questions I have to others about Him.

In the courses that I went through I really liked compactness, straightforwardness and accessibility of the materials. The training method you are using is simple and not pushy. I think that after going through this program a person is quite ready to attend a church on a regular basis – closer fellowship bonds us together.

I will appreciate your help in finding a congregation that I could join for worship, only not in the city of Sol’-Iletsk.

Thank you,

Oleg Ozeryanski

Splinters of Distorting Mirror

The second edition of the brochure Splinters of Distorting Mirror is published.

Рис. 6

On the cover of the book is the title “Manual for Evolution”

First Ape: Well, did you understand at last how to become a human being?

Second Ape: In this book is written that it necessary to fight and to take away .

First Ape: OK, I do that the whole of my life.

Second Ape: And?

First Ape: Even one million year will not be enough!

The author of the brochure, Dr. Igor Savich, has worked in various fields of natural science, such as: informative biochemistry, plant physiology, technological biochemistry, bioorganic chemistry, selective breading of plants, and biological chemistry of animal viruses. For the last several years Dr. Savich spent a lot of his time and energy on studying matters of Creation. This brochure is a brief critical overview of middle-school Biology materials.

The above mentioned brochure shows the invalidity of the Evolution Theory. Tried reader might ask, “How many times do we need to raise this issue?” Our answer is, “As many times as it takes to get through to the Ministry of Education and Science – so that they make changes in Biology textbooks for schools and colleges.”

This brochure might be useful for high-school and college students, their parents, and teachers and for all those who are interested in the questions of life’s origins and development.

Seminar in Lutheran church

In June the staff of Concordia Foundation organized the Evangelical training seminar SONY DSCin Lutheran church of Primorsk town. Primorsk is small town on the north west of St. Petesburg with population  approximately 40 thousand people. The historical building of Lutheran church occupied by local museum. The Christians are gathering for their Sunday mess in small house in the center of the town.

But pastor of this small church Rev Sergey Gerasimov is not upset about it it. He is full of energy and intention to serve God where it is possible. During seminar was verey interesting discussion about  hospitality in the church. The members of the parish are very keen about this problem and would like to improve ???????????????????????????????their attitude to newcomers.

As usual staff of Concordia Foundation brought their new printed materials that include brochures Reading the Book, Reasons to Believe, Victim, Struggler, Conqueror, Bible calendars, flayers with invitation to Bible Correspondence Courses.???????????????????????????????

The participants were enjoyed to receive as gifts the magnets wit logo and address of a new website with video Bible lessons. We hope that volunteers will spread information about Christian Faith course available from Concordia Foundation among the local people who will be new visitors of this church.

Final games

Final games of the Christian Soccer League’s Spring Cup took place in June.

Fourteen teams were competing that day in pursuit to find out which ones were among the best ones. Some of the winners were in the lead throughout the season and were quite sure of their victory; the victory of other teams was  unexpected.SONY DSC


For example, the team Dobro (Good) was playing against the team Blagaya Vest (Good News) in the final game. Blagaya Vest was in the lead throughout the whole season and was the strongest team out of all of the teams in the League. In contrast, the team Dobro due to the loss of several players was at the bottom.

SONY DSCIn this last game though Dobro surprisingly started by leading three to zero. The champion team became really nervous and had to let out all of its best players on to the field. As the result they were able to win ten to six, but as they themselves admitted later, Dobro played really well; Blagaya Vest said that never before had they missed so many goals even from much stronger teams.SONY DSC

We should add that Dobro is the team with a complex background — the players all come from one of the rehabilitation centers of the city. For a long time the team could not afford to purchase uniforms of the same kind for themselves. More than a year ago Concordia Foundation had T-shirts made with the logotype of the Foundation and an inscription which read Living Epistles. The Foundation decided to give some of these T-shirts to the team members in support of their desire to change the lifestyle they were once bound to.

Concordia Foundation also marked another team — Logos. This team was SONY DSCrecommended by the League Commissioner, Mikhail Nosach, as the team with the least rule violations. Logos worthily held its own throughout the duration of the season, but was not able to make the top three. Concordia Foundation gave mugs with its logotype and website address to all members of the team.

So now the season is over, though that doesn’t give the teams an excuse to ease up. They all are going to keep practicing to get ready to the Fall Cup which is going to start in two month. In the SONY DSCmeanwhile League leaders with the support of Concordia Foundation are going to launch a website through which the fans would be able to follow the games of their favorite teams.

A banner with Concordia Foundation’s new website was hanging at the side of the field on the day of the final games. Beginning September, when the new season would start, this banner will hang at the field so that both players and spectators will have a chance to see information about studying the on-line course Basics of the Christian faith.