Prison Ministry in Leningrad region

Thanks to our common efforts – your prayer support and gifts for the Prison Ministry – we were able to proceed with building the halfway house for ex-prisoners!CAPEL3

In September we bought good tools and metal to finish the windows. We put the last layer of building blocks. We’re planning to buy materials for the second floor and the roof bit by bit.

CAPEL2Also in September we sent one orphanage a consignment of woolen socks made by women in prison. We were able to collect $250 to buy enough wool to make more socks for the orphanage in another region.

We had a meeting with the chief of Fornosovo Prison Camp#4,. One more camp we can visit once a week! Praise the Lord!

In October we’re going to arrange a football match in women’s prison camp.CAPEL1

We want to make a video about history of Christianity in our region and especially in St. Petersburg and show this video in different prisons.

I want to express my gratitude to all brothers and sisters for their prayers and gifts for us! God bless you abundantly.

Creationism and its Significance for Education

The II International Research and Practice Conference called “Creationism and Petr°S3itsSignificance for Education, Science and Society, and for Development of Relationships Between Government and Various Denominations” took place in Petrozavodsk, Karelia on October 11 -12.

This Conference was organized with the support of the following organizations: the Republic of Karelia Ministry Petr°S13that deals with the questions of national policy, communication with the social and religious organizations, and mass media; Petrozavodsk Youth Department and Karelia’s Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church; Republic of Karelia Religious Petr°S12Association “Christians of Evangelical Faith Church” and Concordia Foundation, St. Petersburg.

Scholars from Russia, Ukraine and United States of America participated in the Conference. The first part of the Conference was dedicated to the archeological ???????????????????????????????evidence which shows that several thousand years ago a race of giants whose height was more than 8’-10’ lived on all continents of the Planet. These facts agree well with the data recorded in the Bible which tells us about giants who lived on Earth far back in the past. Some Petr°S4documentary materials were shown at the Conference – materials about life of such giants on the territory of the North America and in the European part of our continent.

The following questions were greatly considered during Petr°S11the Conference: methodology of the contemporary science, interpretation of the scientific facts and scientific and religious reasons of there being a Creator of the world. The complete inadequacy of the evolution theory was once again revealed.

Questions of moral upbringing, school education and Petr°S6methods of teaching creationism during the Sunday school were discussed during the second day of the Conference – they were of great interest also.

It was shown that throughout the history the aim of education as science was to train a well-rounded person who is well-educated and also moral and religious, i.e. a person who has vivid understanding of spiritual and transcendental origin of the moral principals.

A collection of articles will be published on the basis of the materials represented at the Conference.

A joint project of Concordia Foundation and the Trans World Radio

TM_2gA recording of educational series of the Discussions of Christian Faith is being done in St. Petersburg at the studio of Trans World Radio. Anchors, Avel Voloshin and Olga Byshkovskay, are working on the recording of the series.


Each discussion is planned as a short clip consisted of questions and answers on the basic Christian doctrines. An agreement has already been reached with several radio-stations—X-Radio and Radio Mariya—to transmit these discussions.

At the end of each discussion they will mention the Foundation’s website where people would be able to find the complete film clips of Discussions of Christian Faith.