Merry Christmas

Dear Friends,

Greetings from St. Petersburg.

We are wonderfully blessed during this time as we can continue to serve our Lord bringing His Light to the people of the World. At that few days of year 2013, I wish you a rich blessing and support from our Lord Jesus Christ. Let the Light of this Christmas holiday give you strength and joy to follow His command written in Mathew 27:19-20, surely Jesus “is with us always to the very end of the age”.

Merry Christmas

Igor Savich


An Equipping the Saints seminar


An Equipping the Saints seminar took place in a Lutheran parish in town Pskov after the worship 

service led by Pastor Andrei Savolainen.The seminar was conducted by Igor Savich – the Director of Concordia Foundation. How to bring people to church? What is the Great Commission?

These and many other questions were discussed during the seminar. Christian literature published by Concordia was brought to strengthen the parish.

This parish is quite young – it was established less than a year ago; all the services are being held in the building of the local Catholic Church. There is a well-preserved building of the LutheranChurch in the Pechyor village, not far from Pskov. Pastor’s Psk_2assistant, Mikhail Nikulin, is committed to broaden their ministry: various activities have already been planned for Christmas.

Revival of this Lutheran parish continues due to the support of the mission committee of the Church of Ingria. Mikhail Nikulin is actively serving in Pskov and Pechyor parishes. They are currently some prayer requests: for the church building and for housing for Mikhail and his family.

Project Standstill

Oriel Shakovo prison IK_S

The aim of this project is to help those who are serving their sentence in prisons to recover internally, nd to resettle socially after they are released from the prison. Penal Enforcement System’s Board of Trustees implements various social rehabilitation projects in the penal institutions thought Russian Federation.Oriel prison office_S

As of today, a music project called Standstill and led by Igor Baranchikov — one of the members of the Penal Enforcement System of Russia’s Board of Trustees—is one of the most fruitful projects.

The leader of this project, Igor Baranchikov, has been in prison ministry for 15 years already; he visited more than 700 institutions throughout Russia and Former Russia. In the Oryol Region Igor Baranchikov visited penal colonies in the villages of Shakhovo and Naryishkino. Igor Baranchikov recommends the program Stafndstill as prevention and rehabilitation for drag-addicts Stop program in Oriel prisons (3)_Sand people with asocial pattern of life.

400 people came to his concerts in each of the colonies in town Oryol . He had two concerts there: one in the women’s colony in the village of Shakhovo, and the other one in the men’s colony in the village of Naryishkino.

Children’s Center

Besides the tree kids who’ve been coming to our Center for a while now, we haven’t had new children coming recently. Those three are: Anton, 13 years old; Angelina, 12 years old, and Angelina’s sister, Venera, 6 years old. They come every week on Wednesdays and Sundays. Pastor Oleg has another brother, Paul, who works along side him. They do lessons and play games with the kids.

At the same time we have a number of teenagers who grew up in our center, and thus there is a youth-group which is starting to grow: six of our teenagers go to the Sunday assembly at one of the churches in the city and afterwards they stay and spend time with the teens there.Children's Cente_Sr

A story about one of the kids who used to come to our Svetlyachok (Lighting Bug) club—such story is not an exception, a lot of the kids have similar stories.

Ksusha, who we helped raise for four years, has now moved away. When she first started coming it was obvious that after the day’s activities were over she looked for a reason to stay. When we asked her, “Why do you not want to go home?” “Because Mom came home today”—was her reply. We wondered what was going on in the life of this girl who at 12 years old was horrified at the news of her mother coming home. It turned out that Ksusha’s dad was in prison. Her mother was drinking heavily and was leaving away from home most of the time —staying in various places with various men.  They live with their grandmother who every day threatens them that she’ll take them to an orphanage. Ksusha’s brother is really sick: one time his mother forgot him in a stroller outside on a cold winter day. He had meningitis, which led to some developmental delay and many chronicle diseases.

Ksusha is a talented girl: she draws, she likes to make crafty things and has a good voice. She had a lot of friends, both among children and adults, at our Svetlyachok club.

One of our other comers — Vika Fyodorova, 15 years old — started playing keyboard in the Christian music group called Levite. This is a huge achievement, because she used to not want to talk to anyone, was staying away from people. Now she is actively participating in all activities for young people. Yesterday, after the small group, she said that she’d love to help with the lessons for the smallest children.

Seminar for the librarians

The latest seminar for librarians of various religious organizations of St. Petersburg and its Region SONY DSCtook place in the building of Bibliya Dlya Vsekh (Bible for Everyone) Mission on. The seminar on the topic Bible, Biology and Information was led by the Director of Concordia Foundation, Dr. Igor Savich.

Using living organism as an example, the lector demonstrated the fact that information which makes out the essence of each organism can not change independently. Mutations are merely informational noise; they lead only to distortion of genetic GREB_1information.

Using a compound pendulum as a simple model of the living organism, Dr. Savich explained the influence on any living being. All characteristics of living beings were given to them by God when He was creating them, and they can change only slightly in the form of provoked or stimulated fluctuations. In such case no evolution is possible since it supposes spontaneous emersion of information, which can appear only under the influence of the Higher Reason (God) or through the assistance of men.

Men can change living beings only in a minor way (artificial selection), though to make any SONY DSCfundamental changes is beyond their scope. Concluding the seminar, the lector once again displayed the absence of evolution in and of itself in nature and showed the distractive influence of the Evolution Theory on the society.

At the end of the seminar, the audience received various publications of Concordia Foundation, such as: In Grief and in Gladness, Braking the Chains of GuiltArguments of Faith, and some others.