Our ministry

Igor Baranchikov organized several his own music presentations. First one in Rostov-na-Donu city, Jasnaja Poljana Orphanage_SThere his Stop program was presented in six prisons and in two Children orphanages with his special Childhood program. In Moscow receiver-distributer for Children where presented 65 children.

Igor presented his children program also. And his last concert he was organized in Alexin orphanage where presented 100-120 children. After the concerts Igor Baranchikov was distributing the materials of CF with invitations to BCC . Igor also organized his Childhood concert in Jasnaja Poljana orphanage where presented 40 children.

ostanin_s1Another part of our ministry is connecting with support of Vjcheslav Ostanin in Novosibirsk. There we sent box with our brochures, books, flayers with invitation to BCC and CDs.

During this month, Vjacheslav Ostanin and his team continued to visit various colonies in Novosibirsk where they spend time with prisoners reading the Scripture, singing Christian hymns, and talking about Christ.

One of these colonies has prisoners with TB and HIV, another one is for juvenile offenders. During their visits they supply prisoners with some newspapers, books that have spiritual contest, with Bibles, New Testaments and with some other literature.

Children’s BCC

ChlBBC_s1Concordia Foundation got the Children’s BCC are published in Russian language.

Children’s BCC is a collection of meaningful stories from the Bible that are paraphrased in a more interesting way for children.

There are some recommendations for parents that accompany them. Coloring pages and puzzles will help kids to understand the stories in a deeper way, and the short explanations after stories will assist them in applying the truth to their everyday life.

While reading these stories with their parents and maybe even grandparents, children will be learning of how this world began and about the Savior Jesus Christ. Parents will be able to help their kids to learn deeper truth.

This would bring a great blessing to each family and build a strong foundation for the child’s future life.

Children’s BCC are being distributed for free. ВСС publication brought on a very keen response not only among children but also their parents.

Two weeks after its release we received more than 130 orders for the first part of the BCC. Some of the parents were even willing to come to our office and pick it up personally.

Philosophical seminar in St. Petersburg


Igor Savich participated in Philosophical seminar in St. Petersburg State Economic University. Within the framework of Days of Philosophy in Saint Petersburg 2013 “Philosophy of cognition and work of life”, a theoretical seminar was taken place : “Truth and error in life and work” on territory of SPb State Economic University.phol_2

How truth was not devalued in the context of consumer ideology and relativistic methodology, man and in modern terms remains a man while he is in the search of truth, making way to her through the wildernesses of errors.

phol_3Resolution of conflicts between truth and error produces energy of life and work. Globalization of human activity intensifies the problem of authenticity of work, that more steadily reduction to constructivism creativity, bearing the threats of life, as a constructivism has a tendency eliminate sense, replacing his short-sighted utility. “Creating the future already live in it”. What future will choose humanity?