BCC for children

We made an advertisement about the BBC for children using the Christian Information bbc for chlServices. Success succeeded our expectations – we received a great number of requests (more than two hundred) which came not only from parents and grandparents, but also from children ministers, and not only from people in Russia; a lot of them came from Belarus, Ukraine, and from Central Asia.

We have already mailed out almost all of the five hundred printed copies. So next month we plan to print another batch of the BBC’s for children first part.

A few excerpts from some letters we got:

“Thank you so much. We have already read through the Bible once and are reading through it the second time, but this is so helpful for our 2, 5 year old daughter Sonya.

With prayers about your ministry, Olesya Bumagina, St. Petersburg, Russia.”

“Greetings to you, my co-workers in God’s field. I would like to get some Bible Courses for children. If you can, send it to the church’s address – I lead children’s ministry in the church in Bryansk. We could really use some Christian materials for children. We are very interested in your proposal. Please let us know how we can order these materials. Thank you, Concordia Foundation and richest blessings to you!

Marina Pankratova, children’s minister, Bryansk, Russia.”

“Hello! I am a leader of the children’s ministry for my region. I would like to get your Bible Courses for children. What do I need to do to get them? My address is: Krasnodarski Krai, city of Eisk.

Best wishes, Denis Samarin”

“Thank you so much for this spiritual nourishment for our children. We’ll definitely read this with our grandkids and tell them about Jesus. We are grateful for these materials.

Olga Kasparova, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk”

Radio programs

Sergei Nezhdanov – a pastor of the St. Michael’s LutheranChurch in St. Petersburg, Russia – becameNezdanov volunteer for Concordia Foundation. He hosts weekly radio programs about HIV on Radio Mariya.

Each program lasts 40 minutes during which Pastor Sergei talks about spiritual difficulties and answers telephone calls; at the end of each program he mentions an opportunity to study the Bible for free and gives Concordia Foundation’s address.

Radio Mariya estimated that in 2013 Pastor Sergei’s radio programs were the top-rated and had the most number of the telephone calls from the audience.

ETS Seminar

Tuut2A Seminar on importance of Christian values took place in the Lutheran Church of Tuutari located in the village of Mazhaiskoye, 25 miles away from St. Petersburg.

Pastor Victor Vorontsov kindly welcomed Concordia Foundation representatives. The Director of Concordia Foundation, Igor Savich, showed a short film about the Foundation’s activities in the last year and a half.

After that he talked about communication, mass media, hospitality, and mission. A lot of questions were asked about showing hospitality and of how to invite people to church. All participants were given literature published by the Foundation and some wall calendars.

After the seminar, during the common tea time, Pastor Victor told us the history of the parish. There was a big Lutheran Church of about two thousand people – the biggest in the region – in this area before the revolution. During the rule of the Soviet government the building was completely destroyed.

Tuut4The parish was reconstructed twenty years ago – a new building was built with the help of the brethren from Finland, though it was built in a different spot.

Right now there are more than forty people in the parish. They do benevolent work, visit nursing homes, and invite people to their worship assemblies and holiday concerts.

Tea room in January

The end of January is usually a very cold time of the year in St. Petersburg. After being outside for crvech_115-20 minutes you start dreaming about a cup of hot tea. This desire was taken into consideration by the organizers of the evangelical Festival Kreshenskiye Vechera (Twelfth-night).

A tea room was organized in the canteen of the St. Mary’s LutheranChurch on crvech_2January 23-25. Any person could come there and get some tea and a hot roll for free.

Every day of the Festival volunteers from various churches were on the streets letting people know of such opportunity.

crvech_4A lot of people came in. Christians joined them for tea and rolls and talked about Christ with them while they were warming themselves up. Concordia Foundation provided brochures Read the Book, The Reasons to Believe, Why Should One Go to Church and some other ones for this event.

Visitors were given information needed to sign up for the Bible courses. They also had a chance to crvech_3buy some wall calendars published by Concordia.

There were a lot of visitors and some of them wrote down addresses of churches and times of the worship services; some signed up for the Bible Correspondence Courses. They also gladly took bookmarks, small calendars and brochures.