Discussion at the TEOS radio station

Another live broadcast took place on June 19, 2014 at the TEOS radio station. The director of Concordia Foundation, Igor Savich was invited by Gleb Iliinski to speak about the most important matters of life in the most simplest words. Several questions of vital importance were discussed during the program. for example, Christian behavior in today’s society; hospitality of the Orthodox Church; origins of the universe; engagement and interaction between faith and science in understanding of the created world.Глеб Борисович Ильинский  (5)

Igor Savich reminded the audience that all distinguished scholars were people of faith, and that did not get in the way of their fundamental research that now serves as the foundation of what we know about existing world. Everything around us and all the achievements of natural science unmistakably point us to the Creator—the Author of everything that surrounds us.

The Apostle Paul himself wrote, “since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse” (Romans 1:19-20).

All issues between faith and science are far-fetched. The scientists are making research of those things that were created by God, so it is from the point of faith that they should be looking at this, believing that God is All Mighty and it is in His power to make anything even in such a small period of time as six days. Our faith is a gift from God, and it is faith that distinguishes us from animals.

Faith and actions

For about six month a program Stand Still has been in collaboration with Concordia Foundation.Программа ОСТАНОВИСЬ - Игорь Баранчиков_1

This program includes conducting of concerts in various prison camps; spiritual literature helps people behind the wire to find new life, and correspondence gives prisoners a chance to communicate with other people and get answers to the questions that they have.

During this partnership, concerts were held in more than fifty prison camps, and also in some detention centers. Our joint efforts are bringing great results by helping souls to find salvation.

In all of the regions where this work has been done, prison authorities are welcoming and approving; they are always ready to back such event up. Education that prisoners get through literature distributed by Concordia Foundation gives them comfort and relief

. The important thing is that this literature gets into prisoners hands right after the concert, and they can also find it in prison camps’ libraries.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Foundation’s staff represented by Igor Mikhailovich Savich for their financial support and for appreciation of this ministry.


Stand Still leader, Igor Baranchikov

Conference materials on Creationism

Обложка_Креационизм_2014_1A project of publishing Conference materials on Creationism that took place in October of 2013 in Petrozavodsk was successfully completed. Scientists not only from Russia, but also from Ukraine and USA spoke at the Conference.

The main focus of the Conference was dedicated to the results of the archeological evidence showing that not too long ago there were some giant people who inhabited the earth. This agrees with the Biblical Обложка_Креационизм_2014_3narrative found in the book of Genesis. Remnants of this race are still being found in various parts of the earth—and that is what the speeches at the Conference were about.

Official science is being silent about this matter because it is completely in odds with the views of Evolutionism. As A. Zhukov mentioned in his presentation, “Written sources testify that the first Europeans who reached the territory of the modern United States ran into aboriginal tribes whose people were Patagonians (whom they also called Indians).

These people lived in various parts of the continent: Southeastern and Southwestern; at the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. It can be supposed that by that time many of the giants got assimilated with the Indian population. Their height did not exceed 8 feet, and was less than the Обложка_Креационизм_2014_4height of the ancient giants.”

The Conference participants agreed that it would be relevant to more widely engage representatives of the teacher training association into discussions of creationism Обложка_Креационизм_2014_2questions. They expressed their conviction that only creationism could serve as a base of the Christian view of the world and be the foundation of the religious education.

With the destruction of this foundation all other elements of the religious upbringing loose their supporting block. Thus, establishing a dialogue with the teacher training association should be seen as one of the preferred directions of the Conference’s future agenda.

Music Festival

Yet another International Music Festival took place in May  in the parish of Ture, located in a suburb of St.Ture3 Petersburg, not too far from Peterhoff and Lomonosov. The name of the Festival is The Four Seasons in Ture.

Since the place is fairly close to St. Petersburg, not only local people come to the Festival but also quite a few guests from St. Petersburg.

This year, musicians from China, Liu Yun and Fan Ixiansan, participated in the Festival. Also a vocalist from St. Petersburg Maria Boyarkina, accompanied on a fortepiano by Maria Shlyapnikova were present.
The Festival was conducted by professor Vladimir Shlyapnikov. Classic music by Russian and foreign composers was presented at the festival. As usual, there were a lot of people attending. The hall that holds 250 people was filled to the rim.

Concordia Foundation distributed its recent publications which included brochures on Christian faith, pocket calendars, and flyers inviting people to join the Bible Correspondence Courses.

Ture1 Ture2