Ministry in Novosibirsk

This month we, together with a group of students from Brazil, did several presentations in the Children’s ostanin1Tuberculosis Sanatorium and in the Children’s Hospital for kids with HIV and tuberculosis. We praise God for this opportunity to present various Christian songs to these children.

We  also continues to visit prisons in Novosibirsk: the High-security prison camp #2, where he meets with the prisoners in a performance hall to pray, read and study the Scripture.

The Standard Regime prison camp #3 where he gets together with the prisoners in the library to tpray and study the Bible and talk about Christ; the prison camp #10, especially the units with prisoners who have HIV and TB (about 150 people right now); a Juvenile ostanin3Correctional Facility with prisoners who are 14 to 18 years old; twice a month he goes to the High-security prison camp #8, during his visits he brings Bibles, New Testaments, spiritual literature and newspapers to the prisoners.

Whenever it’s possible we continue to go to the Children’s Tuberculosis Sanatorium #1 and #2, kids from age 1,5 to 7 years old (all together they have about 60 kids) undergo the treatment there. We try to help these children with clothes, shoes and toys.

ostanin2Slava Ostanin


Testimony of Vladimir

PrisnI came to God through the Discussions About Faith that you sent to me. From the very first lesson these Discussions show Jesus’ life in detail, they talk of how he died for our sins, so that each of us could have the eternal life.

Discussions helped me to understand the foundations of Christian faith but I would really like to learn more. I would like to continue corresponding with you.

To this point I have only been to a church twice: at age 8, when I was baptized, and then one more time, 30 years later. I hope that things will change after my release from prison.

I do have a lot of spiritual problems, but I am hoping God will help me deal with them.

Though I lot of us here—in prison—study through this same Course, we need somebody from outside with greater spiritual experience to help us with the questions we have, to guide us spiritually.

As I mentioned earlier, I would like to stay in touch.

I am so grateful to Concordia Foundation for its support!


Vladimir Zakovryashin

Working with children at risk

Concordia Foundation is working fruitfully a long time in Teenager Ministry. Here is the letter from our volunteer Olga Jusupova.Karelia)1

“Perhaps, the results of our efforts in working with these teens will not be seen immediately, but the time we spend with them will not be in vain!

All of these kids face difficulties in their families, and I have told you some of Karelia)5their stories in greater details.

Those adults who study with them have already done a lot, and they’ve done it all for free, too!

Thank you so much for supporting our activities financially! We had more than 130 get-togethers with theKarelia)2 teens: those were various celebrations, special events, all kinds of trips, studying sessions and just fellowship times!

Here are the names of just a few kids who stayed in close contact with mentors, participated in theater activities, in making crafts, and who are trying their best Karelia)3to do well in school:

Viktoria Fedotova – 16 years old; Julia Petrova – 13 years old; Roma Ievlev – 15 years old; Nadya Mishagina – 13 years old; Olga Ievleva – 13 years old; Vika Sirik – 14 years old; Vasilisa Kiselyova – 17 years old; Lyonya Berg – 12 years old; Andrei Parshykov – 13 years old”.