International Applied Science Conference

Materials of the International Applied Science Conference Truth, Kindness and Beauty in the Postmodern World were recently published with the support of Concordia Foundation.

This Conference took place in Kursk in October of last year. Numerous scientists and experts of religion, philosophy, pedagogy, sociology, ethics and culture participated in it. Questions of present-day world order were discussed by both Christian and secular scientists.Page_1

One of the presenters stated: “The reason of globalism does not lie in the implementing of industrial civilization — it servers only as a prerequisite — but in corruption of personality structure of humans: full suppression of spiritual needs, diminishing the emotional needs and accentuation of solely physical ones.

On the other hand, Truth, Kindness and Beauty, being the basic supreme values throughout the ages, underwent a certain transformation bringing to the forefront one or the other value as the ideal or changing that value into its complete opposite. Such transformation of values is a characteristic and distinctive feature of every particular age; it also serves as an essential characteristic of humans in their historic establishment.

At the end of this Collection of the Conference materials Concordia Foundation reminded every reader about the course on The Basics of Christian Faith and invited them to study it through the Correspondence Course or online on the website. Those who subscribe will be able to find answers to many questions, including the following: What is Christianity? What is the Holy Scripture? Was our world created?


Testimony of Alexander

Though I was not what you could call a fully functional Christian since sin ruled in my mind preventing me from seeing God’s love, I still considered myself to be a Christian even before I read through the Discussions. I never attended any church services, but deep inside I knew that I needed spiritual help greatly. I presently have no chance to attend church meetings due to me being imprisoned.Alexander CheginzevS

The Correspondence Bible Courses helped me to better understand God’s Word and to learn more about the Lord Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed studying and was able to learn a lot.

During His time on earth Jesus taught God’s Word to people explaining to them how they should live, who they should put their trust in, and what God’s desire for them is. Even today Jesus continues to teach us through His words recorded in the Holy Bible.

Jesus Christ is the foundation of Christian faith. He is its core and its heart. To love Him, to follow Him and to trust in Him is what the purpose and the goal of any Christian’s life is. His love surrounds us, and His power guards us and gives us great hope and peace.

So how did I come to know God? I don’t really know how to describe it to you … but I always felt the Lord’s presence next to me; it seems as if I was waiting for something. One day a brother in Christ (and at the moment I had no clue that he was a believer) came up to me looking for a New Testament. I told him that I had a copy. This is how we got acquainted. Never before have I met such sincere believer. Right now this brother is out of the prison, but I still remain here, one on one with the Lord. I do not give up, but continue walking forward listening to God’s Word and trying to understand what He is teaching me through it.

Here is a song that I wrote for you:

Where am I to go now?

Which path shall I choose?

Would I find rest

In earthly pleasures and temporary goods?


There alone will I find peace,

There alone will tears be wiped away,

There alone will sorrows be forgotten

Where Christ alone is King!


I want to leave it all,

To press on toward that goal

Where a home is waiting

That always was my own.


There’s been a change within me

To walk the holy path.

I know the joyfulness that comes

When hope is in my heart.


May the Lord keep you!

Alexander Chegintsev


Christian Soccer League

We are grateful to Concordia Foundation and to Igor Savich personally for their support of Christian Soccer League in St. Petersburg. And not only for their financial support, but spiritual and emotional one also! SONY DSCBecause of there help we were able to create our web-site — We are glad to see that this ministry is on the right path.

We are making progress this year. The annual cup competitions are going on at the moment. Sixteen teams are taking part in them this year. Children from Baptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Orthodox churches are all playing together paying no attention to their team-mates’ denominational affiliation.

Unfortunately, we were not able to implement everything we wanted. Our people resources are limited. The Organizing Committee (OC) of the Christian Soccer League consist of only two people who are trying to supervise the whole process. Recently we created a Control and Disciplinary Committee (CDC) that helps the OC to make decisions within regulations. CDC consists of five people: Mikhail Nosach — the director of the SONY DSCSoccer League; Pavel Serkin—the technical director of the Soccer League; Alexei Romanov—a representative from the team Apostle; Evgeni Shulgin—a representative from the team United; and Alexander Tarasov—a representative from the team Tax-collectors.

But even having these five people is not enough for the further development since we can only dedicate to the League the time spared from work and our families. That is why we are working on attracting sponsors to this ministry so that the Organizing Committee could dedicate themselves complete to this promising and fruitful ministry. We are also asking churches to intensify their efforts of helping the League, for without their help there will be no follow-up work with the players who do not believe in God yet. Only our joint efforts will help people to learn about God and His love.


Director of the Christian Soccer League,

Mikhail Nosach.