Project «Concert Halls of SPb»

Concordia Foundation tries to make sure that people who come to various events held in the concert halls of St. Petersburg have opportunities to learn more about God and about the redeeming faith in Jesus Christ and also have a chance to sign up for the Correspondence Bible Courses.

Thousands of people every evening are visiting various Concert halls of St. Petersburg. Some of them are looking for amusement, some of them looking to listen beloved musicians and some of them are looking for spiritual comfort.

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For this reason, the staff members and volunteers of the Foundation distribute some fliers to the main performance halls of the city—there are about ten of such halls—inviting people to join the Correspondence Bible Courses.

Here is what these fliers say:

“We all know that a lot of works of famous composers has Biblical text as their basis. Works of Bach, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and many other composers show their longing for the Source of all things, for the Source of Light and God’s love.

These great musicians not only wanted to display their own faith, but also to turn their audiences’ attention to the eternal truth contained in the greatest of all Books—the Bible.

If you have never opened this Book, this might be a good time to do so! We would like to help you to get acquainted with the Bible — the Book that’s been the source of inspiration and truth for many cultures, peoples and civilizations.

Please fill out the following questionnaire and mail it to the noted address or just send a text message to 8911 821 70 02″.

We are hoping that this would motivate lots of people to study God’s Word.

History of Elena Sokolova

Dear Igor Michailovich!

I would like to share a story with you. One year ago a nanny came to work with a child in the same place where I’ve been working as a nanny for another family. The fact that both of us were nannies served as a binding element. We would always great each other, and yesterday we finally had an opportunity to talk.

I was amazed to see how God brings people together and how He works things in such a way that certain people meet each other. This women is 56 years old now; she had a near death experience when she was 50.

She grew up in a family where both of her parents were atheists, and, according to her own words, she was a bad-tempered and envious person, as most people of the world are.Elena Sokolova_S

She remembers how she was dying (while undergoing a surgery). She showed the scars on her stomach to me. Several organs were removed from her abdomen, and she should have been dead according to the standards of medicine. She also recalled how upon her death she told God, “Well, ok. Though I don’t really want to die, take me since You are at it.”

Then she saw herself surrounded by people who were evil to the bone. She realized that these were the people who she would be spending eternity with. God also showed her times from her childhood when she behaved wrong. Then Tatiana (that’s what the nannie’s name is) asked, “Lord, is there a chance to change things?”

God brought her back to life. Shortly after that she remembered one professor who taught various religions at the university where she used to work as a history teacher. That other teacher used to say the following words to his students about the Bible, “If you would live according to this book that would be the luckiest ticket you would ever win in your life.”

So Tatiana bought the Bible and started reading it. She is not attending any church. God Himself is showing her how to live her life; He teaches her to not judge people, but to pray for each person. The most amazing thing is that He sent her to work as a nanny: He brings her to specific families where parents do not love their own children!!!!!!!!!!! I was listening to her and having a hard time to believe—her story was so much like my own: the same path, the same God’s guidance… Tatiana often asked God if there were other people like her, but He would only tell her to keep working. But you see, He allowed us to meet, and when I shared my story with her, both of us realized that there were many of us. I used to often wonder of what I can do all alone… And now I see that I am not alone at all, there are many of us who were sent to families to save people’s lifes!!!!

I am completely at awe. Also, God told Tatiana that all wars and sufferings are geared towards Christians so that they would denounce Christ. She knows now that nothing on this earth values anything. That the real life is in Christ, and that God helps His own. Even when they feel burdened, Christ is the one who is carrying the weight of that burden so that a person will not give up.

I shared with her my near-death experience. It didn’t happen in the physical sense, but it was the death of me as a person when my husband cheated on me and later during the many lonely years that followed. I am only now starting to live again and I am learning to live.

Elena Sokolova has a story called Glorified in which, I think, she allegorically describes her own life. In that story she tells how the Creator-King sent a girl from among His own people to Earth so that through a simple girl kindness, love, and self-sacrifice would abide on earth. And then the author depicts some events that show that neither kindness nor love can be destroyed because they come from God and they are eternal.