Questions on Creationism. Ethics and Education

A radio-program from the series called Questions on Creationism. Ethics and Education was aired on December 8. Igor Savich and Mikhail Nevolin (from Towards God ministry) participated in the program. Questions of faith and a few topics—such as: “Should we Trust in Science?” and “Partiality and Interpretation of Facts.“—were discussed in this live radio-broadcast. A lot of people called in to ask questions about Creation and its connection with the Scripture.DSC07341

At the end of the program Igor Savich invited the audience to sign up for the Correspondence Bible Courses.

There are two fundamental world-views that currently exist: Creationism and Evolution. The first one explains the origin and development of everything by the means of supernatural activities that took place in the Universe created and sustained by God. The second one stands up for quite a different view which is based on the natural activities that are going on in the Universe which exists on its own account.

A large number of scientific records from various fields of science—paleontology, geophysics, astrophysics, thermodynamics, etc.—are more completely explained through the concept of Creation.

Nevertheless, those in favor of the Evolution theory continue to take a strong stand showing rather their belief than firm scientific evidence. And naturally so, since it is impossible to recreate activities that took place in the ages past and gone using today’s experimental approach.

Such endurance of the Evolution worldview is also associated with the needs of the modern society. In particular, ethics of the secular society has a certain strive towards power and prosperity.

The flow of information that’s being dumped on people daily possesses great importance. The style of life in which power and prosperity have high priority is being promoted both directly and by implication. The influence of the mass media is so strong that manipulation of the public conscience and imposing views on others becomes commonplace.

The whole purpose of this radio-series called Questions on Creationism. Ethics and Education is to give its audience an objective picture of status quo in light of Creationism and show the destructive influence of the Evolution worldview on public mind.

Children Clubs in Petrozavodsk

Club Perozavodsk (3)In spite of all the difficulties, youth ministry continued its work throughout November. A lot of kids came to participate in various activities.

Due to some remodeling in the library where the club Skala (Rock) usually meets, the last two gatherings occurred outdoors.

Repairs didn’t stop the children from getting together. Counselors organized a game day at the athletic field and even took kids on a little hike. Everything went great!

At the beginning of the month children from the club Svetlyachok (A Lighting Bug) Club Perozavodsk (4)went on a pretty big hike; they’ve invited the kids from Skala to join them on that adventure. We played games, sang songs by the fire, prayed, listened to Bible stories and ate hotdogs. Everybody had a great time.

Svetyachok’s last gathering was dedicated to Mother’s Day (which in Russia is celebrated on the last Sunday of November). Kids participated in  a contest  for the best Mother’s Portrait; winners were given some prizes to give to their mothers. We think it served as an excellent beginning of our work with parents.

Club Perozavodsk (2)Our arts workroom Zhemchyzhina (A Perl) continues its operations. In December we plan to engage the members of Zhemchyzhina in the ministry Helping Refugees from Ukraine.

We’d like to organize a little concert (sing a few songs, recite some poems and show a skit) and give out presents. Ministry to others is an important part of growing as a Christian. We’ve been wanting to do this for quite a while, and now we have an opportunity to implement our desire.

Club Perozavodsk (5)In January we plan to have a retreat for our leaders and for some of the active members of both clubs — about twenty people. We also plan to have a Christmas family gathering of both of our clubs in order to continue our work with kids’ parents — we’d like to meet new families and create trust-based relationships with the parents.

There is a girl in our club Svetlyachok whose name is Natasha. Two weeks ago a dog bit Natasha on her chick. She was concerned that children would laugh when they see her bandaged face. But when she came, she was met with sympathy and compassion instead. She was amazed that no one laughed at her. It Club Perozavodsk (1)brings us such joy to see that our children are beginning to show love and care for others, that the truth that they hear is acting in their lives.

We would like to ask for your prayers. Please especially pray for the team-leaders: for God to give us wisdom, strength and lots of creative ideas. Pray also for the kids: for this world to not pull them back. It is so sad to see children leave. Pray for those who are not coming any longer—these are mostly older teens.

Открытка с рождеством 2014

Music Festival RE LIGO

Concordia Foundation helped organizing the Sixth Internationals Music Festival RE Re-lig8LIGO that was held in St. Petersburg, Russia, in November. Festival Artistic Director — Professor Dmitry Chirin.

The purpose and the goals of the Festival were the following:

— preservation and development of the multi-denomenational culture of St. Petersburg and Russia as the whole; sustenance of St. Petersburg’s uniqueness in the present-day domestic and world culture;Re-lig5

— unification of the various religious traditions within one Festival movement which could be instrumental in spiritual enlightenment, and would support cultural and moral development of the modern Re-lig6society;

— revealing and extensive support of the talented performers and music groups whose desire is to promote development of spiritual culture and respectful attitude towards faith in today’s society;


Re-lig7— to draw attention of various world-wide organizations and official entities — both non-profit and for-profit organizations — as well as religious organizations to the issues of interdenominational cooperation in regards to spiritual culture.



Re-lig2Performers from Germany, Finland, Belarus and Russia participated in the Festival. Thousands of people had a chance to learn about Concordia Foundation through the concerts that were held as part of the Festival; they received various brochures and fliers encouraging them to sign for the BCC.

New book by Elena Sokolova

A new book of stories by Elena Sokolova has been recently released. Through her short New book of Elena Sokolova_Sstories the author explains to the young readers why it is not good to be greedy and rude, grumpy and laisy.

She also talks of how to be useful to other people, and how to deal with situations when someone offends you or denies you. In this new book, using firm Christian principals, Elena Sokolova tries to give answers to these and many other questions.

Taking into consideration such interest to Elena’s stories and their positive influence on the audience, Concordia Foundation in collaboration with the radio station Maria decided to record twelve more stories of the author for future broadcasting.

Discussions on Faith for Children

Thanks to the four adds that we gave through Christinform.Ru we received seventy individual requests for the Discussions on Faith for Children and twelve requests from churches and ministers working with orphanages. We have already mailed 87 kit packages to individuals—which include three brochures in each of them— so it is 261 brochures altogether, and 169 kits—507 brochures—to churches and children ministries. Such requests continue to come.

We have such a big response from churches partially due to the beginning of the new year in the Sunday schools.

We are hoping to get pictures of the children who are using our brochures to study the Bible. We receive a good response from the children drawing contest Miracles of Jesus that we announced recently.

So far only three churches agreed to make a donation to cover our postal expenses the amount of which is about $40.00. for each shipment. A few other churches assured us that they will make such donation in the very near future.

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