Trips to the village

With the support of Concordia Foundation students of the St. Petersburg Christian Sosnovo village (1)University took five trips to the village of Sosnovo in Leningrad Region. There is a small church there in Sosnovo, but there were not enough people to work with all the parishioners.

Sosnovo village (4)S

Anatoli, Vsevolod, and Evangelina responded to the needs of this congregation. Now Anatoli Sysoev leads worship services in the parish, preaches and does the Lord’s Supper. Vsevolod also participates in preaching, and Evangelina helps with singing; she also plans to begin a Sunday school.

Ministry in Siberia

Vyacheslav Ostanin from Novosibirsk continues his prison ministry in Novosibirsk prisons. During this past month, each Thursday, they’ve been going to the High-security prison camp #2, where they met with the prisoners in a performance hall to pray, read and study the Scripture.

On Tuesdays they visited the Standard Regime prison camp #3 where they get together with the prisoners in the library to pray and study the Bible and talk about Christ. Two times a month on Wednesdays they went to the prison camp #10 mainly visiting units 5 and 6 with prisoners who have HIV and TB (the number of people there varies from 130 to 150 people).

Each Saturday they made visitations to the Juvenile Correctional Facility with juvenile prisoners from 14 to 18 years old. Twice a month on Fridays they also went to the High-security prison camp #8; during these visits we bring Bibles, New Testaments, spiritual literature from CF and newspapers to the prisoners.

Also, twice a month, they continue to go to the Children’s Tuberculosis Sanatorium where kids who have tuberculosis and HIV undergo some treatment. They continue to look for some resources in order to get Christmas gifts for the children.

Children Tuberculosis Sanatotium b (5)S

Children Tuberculosis Sanatotium b (1)SChildren Tuberculosis Sanatotium b (4)S

Social shelter Children’s Arch

The music band Druzhki (Pals) and Concordia Foundation held a joint event. It was kovcheg2dedicated to celebrating Christmas in the social shelter Children’s Arch.

Children’s Arch is a non-profit organization which consists of people who’s desire is to help orphans and children who are in difficult circumstances. These people are making all possible efforts to bring smiles back to children’s faces and make their future more joyful.

kovcheg4Children’s Arch was founded in 1997 by efforts of German citizens in order to help children—orphans and those in tough life circumstances. The founders were staff members and volunteers of the International humanitarian Organization Logos International.

The mission of this organization is to ” learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless…” (Isaiah 1:17). The main goal of Logos International is to create such an environment where children can develop spiritually, ethically and physically into creative people who can adjust socially. Organization also protects children’s rights and provides psychological help.

kovcheg3During this joint event Gera Alekseev sang his songs for both smaller kids and teens. Gifts prepared by Concordia Foundation were passed out during intermission.

Each present, in addition to sweets and fruit, had the Bible kovcheg1Discussions on Faith for Kids published by the Foundation. Jack Curbs, the President of Logos International, hosted us in his own apartment which is located in the same building as the organization itself. He shared goals, difficulties and successes of the Children’s Arch with us.

After the concert everybody got together for some pizza and tea.

Meeting in the office of the Bishop

EPISKOPIn December a meeting was held in the office of the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria (ELCI). The main theme of the meeting was the joint project of Concordia Foundation and ELCI, a radio series called 500 Years of Reformation.

The following people participated in the meeting: ELCI bishop, Arri Kugappi, the senior pastor of St. Mary’s Church, Mikhail Ivanov, one of the professors of ELCI’s Theological Institute, Sergei Alexandrovich Isaev, and the Director of Concordia Foundation, Igor Savich.

It was agreed to start the preparation work for the radio series on history of Reformation in the Western Europe and in Russia. The plan is to record 56 programs which then will be weekly broadcasted on the Trans World radio station. The beginning of this project is scheduled for April 2015.